Frank Warren Criticizes ‘Scandalous’ Criticism Aimed at Tyson Fury Over Postponed Usyk Fight

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Frank Warren slams ‘scandalous’ criticism of Tyson Fury after Usyk fight postponed

Frank Warren is vehemently defending Tyson Fury against the onslaught of criticism following the postponement of his highly-anticipated bout with Oleksandr Usyk due to a cut above his right eye.

Scheduled for February 17, the clash between WBC heavyweight champion Fury and the undefeated Ukrainian was primed to unify major heavyweight titles, marking a historic event in boxing after more than two decades. However, a severe cut sustained by Fury during sparring led to the fight’s delay until May 18 in Saudi Arabia.

As the head of Queensberry, which promotes Fury in the UK, Warren rebukes the unjust scrutiny Fury has faced in the media for the setback, emphasizing Fury’s impeccable track record in the ring.

'Scandalous' Criticism Aimed at Tyson Fury Over Postponed Usyk Fight
‘Scandalous’ Criticism Aimed at Tyson Fury Over Postponed Usyk Fight (Credits: DAZN)

Warren expressed his bewilderment at the critics, questioning their motives and suggesting their remarks border on defamation and scandal. He likened the situation to a concerted campaign against the fighter.

Warren revealed the gravity of Fury’s injury, indicating that it necessitated urgent medical attention and extensive stitching, reminiscent of a similar incident during Fury’s 2019 bout against Otto Wallin.

The severity of the cut prompted the hosts in Saudi Arabia to reschedule the fight for May 18, marking the third postponement of the Fury-Usyk showdown.

Fury, who had been training in Saudi Arabia for five weeks prior to the injury, will now undergo rehabilitation in his hometown of Morecambe.

Warren highlighted Fury’s desire to be with his family during this period, noting that while he cannot engage in full training, he will maintain fitness through activities like cycling. However, the setback requires Fury to recalibrate his training regimen to ensure he reaches peak performance by May 18.

“He’ll want to be with his family,” Warren commented on Fury’s priorities, acknowledging the necessity for a temporary pause in intense training. Despite the setback, Warren remains confident that Fury will diligently prepare to reclaim his best form for the rescheduled bout.


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