Frankie Montas: Making an Impact On and Off the Mound for the Reds

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Since joining the Reds rotation, Frankie Montas has made a significant impact, both on and off the field. Upon signing a one-year, $16 million free-agent contract in January, Montas quickly integrated into the team dynamic, bonding with fellow pitchers during events like the Reds Caravan. His commitment to preparation and dedication became apparent during Spring Training, earning him respect among his teammates and coaches.

The most compelling aspect of Montas’ contribution has been his performance on the mound. In a recent game against the Phillies, Montas showcased his skill by allowing just one run and five hits over 5 2/3 innings, with three walks and five strikeouts. Across two starts, he boasts an impressive 0.77 ERA, demonstrating his effectiveness as a pitcher.

Despite facing challenges such as a previous shoulder surgery in February 2023, Montas has overcome setbacks to regain his form. After a limited appearance for the Yankees last season, he has demonstrated resilience and determination, emphasizing his focus on delivering for his team and fulfilling his role as a teammate.

Frankie Montas
Frankie Montas (Credits: Athletics Nation)

Montas’s return to full health has been a pivotal factor in his success. Now free from shoulder issues, he has regained confidence in his abilities and is eager to contribute positively to the team’s performance. His mindset revolves around being his best self in the present moment, rather than dwelling on past accomplishments or comparisons.

In a game marked by adverse weather conditions, Montas remained composed and focused, showcasing his mental fortitude and commitment to his role as a pitcher. Despite a rain delay lasting nearly four hours and challenging playing conditions, Montas maintained his concentration, delivering a solid performance that contributed to the Reds’ victory.

With Montas leading the rotation, the Reds have shown promising early-season results, highlighting the potential for their pitching staff to be a significant strength throughout the season.


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