From underdog to top dog: Garcia now dictating terms, but where does that leave Haney?

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Ryan Garcia
Garcia after his bout against Deney( Credit: DAZN)

Garcia’s Triumph Shifts Power Dynamics: What’s Next for Haney?

Ryan Garcia faced ridicule and skepticism from Devin Haney in the lead-up to their fight, labeled a clown by his opponent. However, Garcia quickly proved his mettle in the ring, stunning Haney with his explosive left hooks right from the start.

Despite Garcia’s unconventional antics, including his admission of drinking alcohol during training camp, his performance demonstrated his serious intent and skill. The 25-year-old’s heavy and swift hands proved to be the great equalizer, as he knocked Haney down three times during the fight, showcasing his power and determination.

Ryan Garcia
King Ry (Ryan) after knocking out Deney (Credit: Forbes)

Securing a majority decision victory, Garcia claimed the biggest win of his career, establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the boxing world. His promoter, Oscar De La Hoya, emphasized Garcia’s newfound authority, declaring that anyone looking to make money in the sport would have to face Garcia.

Meanwhile, Haney retains his WBC junior welterweight championship despite the defeat, albeit with a dent in his pound-for-pound ranking. A potential rematch between the two seems likely to occur at a higher weight class, with Garcia eyeing a move to welterweight for future bouts.

Garcia’s victory opens up a myriad of possibilities, including potential matchups with other top fighters like Gervonta Davis, who defeated Garcia in their previous encounter. However, logistical hurdles such as weight class considerations and negotiations would need to be addressed for such bouts to materialize.

As for Haney, the aftermath of the grueling fight suggests a step back in opposition may be in order, given the toll it took on him physically. Whether he chooses to remain at his current weight class or move up, Haney’s next moves will be closely watched, but for now, it’s clear that Garcia holds the reins in the aftermath of their showdown.


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