Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher Talk about Whether Mo Salah Will Leave Liverpool and How they’ve Changed their Minds about it

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Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher
Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville (Credits: Teamtalk)

In a later development, Mo Salah leaving Liverpool for the Saudi Arabia side (Al-Ittihad) has been placed on second thought by Jamie Carragher, meaning there is a “change of mind.” This development was made public by Gary Neville.

"Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher Talk about Whether Mo Salah Will Leave Liverpool and How they've Changed their Minds about it"
Gary Neville & Jamie Carragher (Credits: Planet Football)

The legend of Man United made it clear that before, Carragher boasted that if ‘£150 million’ was being placed on the table for Mo Salah, there would be no other option than for Liverpool to accept it – placing such a fat bid has since been rejected, Sky Sports said.

However, at the moment, Carragher is boasting that Saudi side Al-Ittihad would have to go up to ‘£200 million’, in his words to Deadline Day on Sky Sports (01/09/23 at 5:50 pm).

Although the one-time Champions League winner said that if teams from Saudi Arabia wanted to buy Salah six weeks ago, he might have left already. Also, Liverpool has already sold two players to teams in Saudi Arabia this summer, Fabinho and Jordan Henderson. It was surprising, but they still left the team.

It’s not surprising that a team from Saudi Arabia is interested in Salah because he’s considered a hero in the Arab world. Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher talked about this.

“A week ago, Jamie Carragher said if Saudi Arabian clubs offered £150 million, Mo Salah would leave,” said Gary Neville. “It seems they’re close to that £150 million mark. When we weren’t on camera, Jamie changed his mind and said they need £200 million. He’s getting a bit anxious, isn’t he?”

Jamie Carragher laughed and said, “I want more money. When you look at what Harry Kane was sold for, it was around £100 million. I think he’s a year or two younger than Salah. But Kane only had two years left on his contract. Mo Salah also has two years left and takes good care of himself.”

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Mohamed Salah and Manager Jurgen Klopp
Mohamed Salah and Manager Jurgen Klopp (Credits: Teamtalk)

But if Liverpool were to sell Mo Salah right now, they wouldn’t accept what he’s actually worth. They’d want more money than that. If there wasn’t this situation with Saudi Arabia interested, he would be worth around £100 million, not £150 million.

The question is, why did they wait so long to make their offer? If they really wanted him and were ready to spend that much money, why didn’t they make the bid six weeks ago? If they had done that, he might have had a good chance of leaving.

Gary Neville also suggested that sometimes, when clubs make a move for a player, they’ve already talked to the player’s agent, and the player might secretly want the transfer to happen.

Carragher said, “If the offer keeps getting higher and higher, there’s a point where you can’t say no, and that point is £200 million. But I don’t think it will happen because it’s too late now.”

What’s the Statement from Liverpool Owners?

Regarding the Liverpool owners, known as FSG, the relationship with the fans is a bit complicated. Some fans believe they don’t spend enough to bring in new players for Jurgen Klopp, the team’s manager.

However, by turning down such a massive offer for a 31-year-old player with two years left on his contract, FSG is sending a clear message to the fans. Many other owners might have accepted that much money. But in reality, this situation might not be over because Al-Ittihad could come back with another offer and put pressure on Liverpool.


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