Gegard Mousasi’s Manager Addresses PFL Situation: Lack of Priority Raises Concerns

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Gegard Mousasi’s manager explains current situation with PFL: “It surely doesn’t feel like a priority for them at Gegard’s detriment”

Gegard Mousasi’s manager, Nima Safapour, recently addressed the situation regarding Mousasi’s potential fight in the Professional Fighters League (PFL). PFL President Ray Sefo mentioned that Mousasi had declined a fight at 205 pounds, citing uncertainty about the miscommunication.

However, Safapour clarified in an interview with that Mousasi had indeed expressed willingness to fight Ray Cooper but was informed that Cooper was unavailable. Despite Mousasi’s flexibility, the promotion booked Cooper for the same event Mousasi had requested to fight on.

Safapour revealed Mousasi’s willingness to compromise by offering to fight at 205 pounds for the PFL season tournament, allowing him time to bulk up. However, their proposal received no response from the promotion, leaving Mousasi without viable options.

Gegard Mousasi
Gegard Mousasi (Credits: Fight)

Safapour emphasized their straightforward request at the beginning of the year to plan Mousasi’s usage in 2024, which was not prioritized by the PFL. He contrasted this with the promotion’s ability to schedule a short-notice fight for another fighter, Patricio ‘Pitbull,’ suggesting a lack of priority for Mousasi’s career.

Despite Safapour’s positive view of Ray Sefo as a “good friend,” he expressed disappointment in the PFL’s treatment of Mousasi, emphasizing the promotion’s failure to prioritize his career. The situation highlights a perceived disparity in how the PFL handles different fighters, potentially affecting Mousasi’s opportunities within the organization.


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