George Pickens; A Hidden Gem Awaiting the Nod For Unleashing

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George Pickens In Training For Steelers (Credits: Yahoo Sports)

George Pickens convincingly maintained the well-established conviction that the Pittsburgh Steelers have a knack for picking Pro Bowl-worthy beneficiaries during the NFL Draft.

Last season, he contributed with an astonishing feature of  52 receptions for 801 yards, including four touchdowns. He achieved this feat while working with a lackluster attacking framework.

Furthermore, his devotion during the offseason, both regarding bonding with his partners and his remarkable showcasing in the preseason, simply adds to his promising growth.

George Pickens
George Pickens of Pittsburgh Steelers (Credits: The Score)

Given the circumstances, it was believably logical to assume that Pickens would experience a breakout season in 2023 or be able to help elevate the Steelers’ attacking unit from what previously was somewhat dull to a more admirable level.

It certainly seems to be on the way to progress at the moment, with some further tweaks and improvements still in the process of being made.

“Sky is The Ceiling”- An Understatement for Pickens’ Talent

George Pickens has undoubtedly begun the season with great efficiency. If it would be possible to somehow assume his overall season stats and his astonishing three-week performances, it would put him on course for 73 receptions, 1,348 yards, and five touchdowns.

However, it’s equally important to realize that such assumptions can prove to be unrealistic, as can be seen with T.J. Watt’s inspiring sack pace, which is nearly impossible to recreate even in a video game on the easiest settings. Therefore, being realistic while assuming stats is highly important to avoid getting carried away.

1300 yards is a benchmark that would require Pickens to average in excess of 18 yards per catch for the remaining season. It sure is possible but unlikely, given the output of the Steelers’ offensive unit.  However, to let the hypothesis bear fruits, George Pickens has to be more involved in The Steelers’ attacking plays.

A perfectly orchestrated way of attack needs ample amounts of different factors to bear fruits to the desired. Ambitious Coaches resort to risky but effective tactics, which basically ensure that the best players in the team are always in possession of the ball.

It’s not entirely about touchdowns only. Say, for example, Justin Jefferson is the epitome of a player whose understanding of positional play enables his team to advance further and create more chances of touchdown with Jefferson despite not scoring mostly, yet being at the heart of nearly every play.

Another Example is Keenan Allen, as the Chargers enjoyed their triumph over Jefferson’s Vikings on 24 September. Allen got hold of 18 passes for more than 200 yards in that game, successfully being at the heart of almost every play to edge out a win for his team.

Such players give a vital benefit to the team by concealing other teammates’ bad performances. Cincinnati’s Bengals’ WR Ja’mar Chase, with his individual brilliance throughout the game, ensured his team got hold of every duel. Thus hiding the woeful performances of some of his teammates underneath.

Pickens is usually deployed deep downfield, which leads to him being less involved in screenplays and slot snaps. Despite his positioning, he thrives in Yards Catch stats, depicting the fact that he makes things happen when provided with the chance and liberty to do so.

George Pickens’ involvement in the attacking plays of the Steelers ensures an intense threat to the opposition. His dummy runs make way for space for other receivers to get involved, while Quarterback Kenny Pickett enjoys advancing to the open spaces in the attacking areas made by Pickens’ runs.

Every stat in the game propagates the notion that Pickens is being under-utilized and that his involvement is the need of the hour for The Steelers.


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