Giants Quarterback Daniel Jones’ Status Uncertain for Upcoming Week

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Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones (Credits: USA Today)

New York Giants’ star quarterback, Daniel Jones, will be sidelined for the upcoming clash against their cross-town rivals, the New York Jets, due to a neck injury. Head coach Brian Daboll’s recent statements have raised uncertainty about Jones’ future availability, marking a departure from his previous optimism.

In Jones’ absence, Tyrod Taylor will once again assume the starting role. Jones sustained his neck injury on October 8 when he was sacked during a game against the Miami Dolphins. This unfortunate setback marks his third consecutive missed game due to the injury.

Just a mere two weeks ago, Coach Daboll expressed hope that Jones would return later in the season, stating, “Yeah, [his season’s] not over.” However, when directly asked if Jones’ season is now concluded, Daboll’s response was noticeably more cautious, stating, “He’s getting better. We’ll see where he is next week. I don’t have a crystal ball with injuries, but he is getting better.”

Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones (Credits: FOX News)

Noting the shift in Daboll’s tone, it was clear that he was now less definitive in his statements. When questioned about this change, Daboll candidly admitted, “Yep.” When pressed for a more definite response, he reiterated, “Again, I just go with the information that I get. [Friday] he was out. He’s getting better. We’ll see where he is next week.”

It’s essential to highlight that Jones has previously suffered neck injuries. Initially, he was expected to be out for just a week, but he ended up missing the final six games of the 2021 season due to a neck disc injury, despite his insistence that his current injury is different.

Jones has been taking part in scout team drills during practice despite his illness. Even though there has been some improvement, he still reports having symptoms from last week. He has not yet been given the all-clear by his doctor, though. The outcome of his next medical exams will determine whether he can resume his duties.

Jones will remain the Giants’ starting quarterback whenever he is deemed healthy, according to Coach Daboll and the organization. With a 66% completion rate and zero interceptions in his two starts this year, Tyrod Taylor has played admirably.

It’s worth noting that Daniel Jones, only 26 years old, signed a significant four-year, $160 million contract with the Giants during the summer, underscoring his importance to the team’s future.


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