Guide to the Azhdaha Boss in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

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Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Azhdaha Boss Guide

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown features challenging boss battles, and the Azhdaha boss is no exception. To conquer this formidable foe, players must stay focused and employ effective strategies throughout the encounter. This article provides a detailed guide on defeating the Azhdaha boss in two distinct phases.

Phase 1:

The Azhdaha boss presents a formidable challenge, requiring players to learn its attack patterns for successful parrying and dodging. Key attacks in this phase include:

1. Bite Attack: Recognizable by red eyes, the boss initiates a biting move that can be avoided by swiftly dashing when the red eyes appear. Different variations of this attack may occur, such as following a tail swing or executing a double bite in the later part of the battle.

2. Tail Whip: With red eyes but a closed mouth, the boss performs the Tail Whip move, hitting its tail across the fighting area. Players must jump through the tail to avoid damage, staying vigilant for potential follow-up biting moves.

3. Laser Attack: The boss shoots a laser across the fighting area, which cannot be avoided or blocked. Players must use the Shadow ability to evade this attack. In the second phase, the laser becomes more potent, accompanied by stones dropping after its passage.

4. Orb Field: The boss creates orbs across the arena, leading to a massive explosion. Using the Dimensional Claw, players can grab an orb and throw it back at the boss, causing damage.

Guide to the Azhdaha Boss in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown
Guide to the Azhdaha Boss in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown (Credits: ESTNN)

Phase 2:
The second phase intensifies the challenge, introducing new attacks. Despite the increased difficulty, the following specific strategies can enhance the chances of success:

1. Yellow Attack: Triggered when the boss reaches 70 percent health, this move combines a Tail Whip with a sweeping face motion. Players must jump through the Tail attack and parry at the right moment to inflict significant damage.

2. Central Projectiles: The boss lifts its tail, shooting projectiles on both sides. Players must use dash, jump, and air dash to dodge the projectiles, employing the Dimensional Claw if necessary.

3. Normal Projectiles: Another attack involves the boss creating and throwing several projectiles sequentially. Players need to utilize all abilities to avoid being hit.

Victory over the Azhdaha boss rewards players with items such as Some Tree Flower, Crystals, and special arrows for the Guardians. Facing this formidable foe proves worthwhile, offering valuable rewards and enhancing overall power in the game.


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