Gukesh’s Historic Journey: Steady Mindset Guides Him Through Rapid Success

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Gukesh D
Gukesh during a chess event (Credit:

The scene at D Gukesh’s post-match press conference following his historic victory in the 2024 FIDE Candidates was nothing short of remarkable. Despite his monumental achievement as the youngest-ever winner of the tournament at just 17 years old, Gukesh appeared calm and collected, speaking with maturity and poise that belied his age.

Throughout the tournament, Gukesh’s ability to maintain his composure in the face of pressure proved to be his greatest asset. Win or lose, he remained unfazed by the outcome, a stark contrast to the emotional display of some of his competitors, like Ian Nepomniachtchi.

Gukesh D
Gukesh during a chess match (Credit: The Indian Express)

One moment from the press conference particularly highlighted Gukesh’s serene demeanor. When asked about the turning point in the tournament, he pointed to his defeat to Alireza Firouzja in round 7. Despite it being his first and only loss, Gukesh saw it as a source of motivation rather than discouragement.

Gukesh’s maturity has been evident from a young age. Even when he narrowly missed out on becoming the world’s youngest Grandmaster at 12, he drew inspiration from Magnus Carlsen’s journey. Similarly, setbacks like his defeat at the Chess Olympiad only served to fuel his determination.

According to five-time world champion Viswanathan Anand, who has closely observed Gukesh’s development, it’s his stability and calm demeanor that set him apart from his peers. Despite his meteoric rise in the chess world, Gukesh remains level-headed and focused on his goals.

Indeed, Gukesh’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. From breaking records to climbing the ranks to becoming India’s top chess player, he has handled the pressures of success with grace and humility.

As Gukesh continues to surge forward in chess, one thing is clear: behind his shy smile lies the heart of a true champion.


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