Hela Deck Marvel Snap Build Guide

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Hela Deck Marvel Snap Build Guide

Marvel Snap players are increasingly centering their decks around Hela in the new meta. Hela, known as the main antagonist in Thor: Ragnarok, holds a formidable presence, demonstrated by single-handedly overpowering Asgard while Thor and Loki are absent.

Hela’s 6-Cost card may appear ordinary, but her standout feature lies in the On Reveal ability. This ability allows her to resurrect all discarded cards randomly, potentially turning the tide in the final turn. Crafting a deck to leverage this power is crucial in the current Marvel Snap meta.

Hela Card Profile
Hela Card Profile (Credits: All Clash)

Hela Card Profile

Hela’s 6-Power card becomes intriguing due to her ability to resurrect discarded cards, providing a strategic advantage.

The Best Hela Deck in Marvel Snap

To maximize Hela’s potential, the goal is to discard high-power cards before playing her on turn 6. Be mindful of Ongoing and On Reveal cards on the board, such as Cosmo and Shang-Chi, as they can disrupt your strategy. In the current meta, a Magneto and The Infinaut deck complements Hela well. Here’s the suggested Hela deck setup:

Blade: 1-Cost, 3 Power
Black Knight: 1-Cost, 2 Power (adds Ebony Blade to hand on discard, once per game)
Morbius: 2-Cost, variable Power based on discarded cards
Lady Sif: 3-Cost, 5 Power
Jubilee: 4-Cost, 1 Power (adds top card of the deck to a location on reveal)
Silver Samurai: 4-Cost, 5 Power (forces each player to discard lowest Power card on reveal)
Black Cat: 4-Cost, 9 Power (discarded if in hand after the turn)
White Tiger: 5-Cost, 1 Power (adds 8-Power Tiger to another location on reveal)
Red Skull: 5-Cost, 14 Power (enemy cards here have +2 Power, ongoing)
Hela: 6-Cost, 6 Power (resurrects all discarded cards to random locations on reveal)
Magneto: 6-Cost, 12 Power (moves all enemy 3 and 4-Cost cards to this location on reveal)
The Infinaut: 6-Cost, 20 Power (cannot be played if a card was played last turn)

Abilities of the Cards:

1. Blade – On Reveal: Discard the rightmost card from your hand.
2. Black Knight – After you discard a card, add the Ebony Blade to your hand with that card’s Power. (once per game)
3. Morbius – Ongoing: +2 Power for each time you discard a card in this game.
4. Lady Sif – On Reveal: Discard the highest-cost card from your hand.
5. Jubilee – On Reveal: Add the top card of your deck to this location.
6. Silver Samurai – On Reveal: Each player discards the lowest Power card from their hand.
7. Black Cat – If this is in your hand after the turn, discard it.
8. White Tiger – On Reveal: Add an 8-Power Tiger to another location.
9. Red Skull – Ongoing: Enemy cards here have +2 Power.
10. Hela – On Reveal: Resurrect all cards you discarded to random locations.
11. Magneto – On Reveal: Move all enemy 3 and 4-Cost cards to this location.
12. The Infinaut – If you played a card last turn, you can’t play this.

Deck Strategy:

Turn 1: Play Blade or Black Knight to set up a discard strategy.
Turn 2: Introduce Morbius to the board to build Power through discards.
Turn 3: Deploy Lady Sif to discard high-cost cards for later resurrection.
Turn 4: Optimal plays include Jubilee for high-power card inclusion or Silver Samurai for additional discards.
Turn 5: Bring White Tiger onto the board for an 8-Power Tiger on another location, or consider Red Skull for a Power boost.
Turn 6: Execute the final play by bringing Hela onto the field, resurrecting high-power cards across your locations.


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