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Jake Camarda and Greg Rousseau

Helmet-Swinging Incident Involving Tampa Bay Buccaneers Punter Jake Camarda and Buffalo Bills’ Greg Rousseau Shakes Up “Thursday Night Football”

In a dramatic sequence during “Thursday Night Football,” Tampa Bay Buccaneers punter Jake Camarda found himself at the center of attention as he swung his helmet at Buffalo Bills defensive end Greg Rousseau. This incident unfolded with 7:40 remaining in the second quarter, just after Camarda successfully held the ball for placekicker Chase McLaughlin, who confidently nailed a 57-yard field goal, bringing the score to 10-3 in favor of the Bills.

However, as the Prime Video broadcast captured the precise moment the ball sailed through the uprights, a cacophony of whistles erupted from the referees positioned near the line of scrimmage. When the cameras returned to the field, a skirmish had broken out between the Buccaneers and the Bills. Referees intervened in an attempt to restore order, but the situation escalated when Camarda, in a surprising move, removed his helmet and swung it, making contact with Rousseau’s head.

Jake Camarda and Greg Rousseau
Jake Camarda and Greg Rousseau (Credits: FOX News)

Camarda raised his hands in defense as Rousseau quickly showed his disdain and moved toward him with a determined gait. A penalty flag had been tossed onto the field during this frantic play. There were no penalties awarded to either team because the referees decided to overturn any penalties after giving it significant thought.

It is alarming to see helmets being used in a football game because earlier events have shown that there can be disastrous results. A significant instance is the 2019 incident in which Myles Garrett, a defensive end for the Cleveland Browns, famously hit Mason Rudolph, a quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, with his own helmet, leading to a six-game suspension.

Even though Camarda’s helmet swing was not as extreme as Garrett’s, some Bills supporters were surprised that no penalties were assessed against him. In the NFL, Camarda has distinguished himself as a standout punter this year, leading the league with an amazing average of 52.9 yards per punt and owning the biggest punt of the year at 74 yards. He was selected by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the fourth round of the 2022 NFL Draft following his collegiate career at Georgia. He is presently in his second season with the team.


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