“I Didn’t Mean to Hurt Him”: Johan Deysel Apologizes to Antoine Dupont

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"I Didn't Mean to Hurt Him": Johan Deysel Apologizes to Antoine Dupont
Namibia captain Johan Deysel (Credits: Virgin Media Sport )

Namibia captain Johan Deysel has said sorry to Antoine Dupont after they accidentally collided head-to-head. This collision may affect Dupont’s participation in the Rugby World Cup. Dupont got hurt during France’s big 96-0 victory over Namibia in Marseille.

Deysel got a yellow card for the collision when France was winning 54-0. Later, after checking the video, it was changed to a red card. Dupont’s injury was confirmed by the French Rugby Federation on Friday, but they are not sure how long he will be out of the game.

Deysel said, “I want to say I am sorry to Antoine Dupont. I did not mean to hurt him. It happened really fast, and I could not move my head away in time, so our heads bumped into each other. I know the rules, and I realized right away that I made a mistake.”

"I Didn't Mean to Hurt Him": Johan Deysel Apologizes to Antoine Dupont
Antoine Dupont facial injury (Credits: ESPN)

“I talked to Fabien Galthie, the France head coach, right after the game. I told him to pass on my apologies and best wishes to Antoine, both directly and through the France team doctor.

“He is a great player and a person, and we wish him a speedy recovery.” A tearful Dupont went to a hospital in nearby Aix-en-Provence, and the federation said, “We do not know how long he will live.” A special surgical examination is required to assess whether the patient will be treated.” It will no longer be available.”

France’s final pool game will be against Italy in Lyon on October 6, with next weekend’s quarter-final likely to be against Ireland or South Africa. If Les Bleus advance to the semi-finals, the semi-finals will be held in Paris on October 20th and 21st.

Dupont’s poor fitness has been widely reported in France, and there is a real possibility that Les Bleus will be without their star player for the remainder of the tournament. Meanwhile, Wales head coach Warren Gatland and England scrumhalf Danny Care also congratulated Dupont.

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We Know One thing for sure: He is Really Strong

Gatland said: “We hope he gets better. The World Cup needs a player like him to stay healthy and play in the upcoming stages, like the quarter-finals, semi-finals, or even the final if France makes it. He is truly an exceptional player.”

And Care said: “During the World Cup, we want to watch the top players, and Antoine is the best player in the world. We hope to see him return in a French jersey. We do know one thing about him: he is strong. If he can, he will come back to play for France.

We Know One thing for sure: He is Really Strong
Warren Gatland (Credits: San Diego Union-Tribune)

“I saw them play with him last night, and he’s a very special person. That’s why I want to see the best players play in the tournament. We wish him a speedy recovery.” Dupont, a former World Player of the Year, was the star of the resurgent France team under Garthie.

It is hoped that he will be able to return before the end of the tournament, but there are doubts about his future participation as France aims to win their first World Cup. “We always expect Antoine to continue his adventures with us,” France attack coach Laurent Rabbitte said on Friday.

He said, “It will take two to three days to get an expert opinion. Antoine and the surgeon will make the decision. “For us, Antoine has not finished competing yet. There are three days left. We hope to receive good news after three days.

“Antoine certainly imagined the worst before his first exam. After the first test, Fabien (Galthie) visited him. “Antoine is with us. We will all be together. We will continue to treat short-term injuries as usual, but the surgeon’s opinion is positive for Antoine and us. I hope so.

“Experts know who Antoine Dupont is and which competitions he is currently competing in. It’s not a normal topic.”


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