Ian Madigan Bids Farewell to the Rugby World

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Ian Madigan (Credits: Sports JOE)

Ireland’s great Ian Madigan has announced the end of his rugby career after 14 years of constant hustle in the sport. Since the start of his Leinster journey, Madigan has been a star player. Throughout his career, the player has played 147 matches for his hometown team and has earned 827 points to his name.

Madigan became a part of the most paid players club of Irish rugby after reaching Bordeaux. The player then moved on to Bristol Bears, where he played 50 matches in a span of three years, starting in 2017.

The former rugby star has now declared an end to his rugby career after a stretch of bad luck with injury. Madigan has played a total of 31 times for Ireland and won six Nations triumphs. While as a Leinster, the player has won two European cups and two league titles.

The player announced his retirement through an Instagram post on the 20th of September. The post included ten slides with pictures that captured memories from all over his sporting career. Madigan expressed gratitude towards his family, friends, coaches and mentors. The player called representing Ireland the “highlight” of his career.

Madigan put a lot of effort into the post as he thanked everyone with separate slides of the post. The last two slides are the most personal ones as the player thanks his No. 1 supporter, his grandfather, Larry, in the second last slide. The player states that he is lucky to have Larry in his corner every day of his life.

Madigan’s Special mention of his family

Madigan talked of his grandfather’s support and how it lifted him and gave him confidence boosters before every match. The player also mentioned a story about his grandfather arriving at Lansdowne Road before the stadium had opened for his first cap because he wanted to see his grandson warm up before the match. Madigan finds his grandfather to be an amazing person and is beyond grateful for his support.

Madigan of Ireland
Ian Madigan (Credit: Balls)

The last slide of the post was dedicated to his wife, Anna. Madigan mentioned how hard it is to be with a rugby player with a hectic schedule, injuries, selection setbacks, missed kicks, being away, and moving countries.

The pair has gone across four countries in the last ten years. The player expressed his gratitude towards Anna for being so patient with him and supporting him through thick and thin. Madigan is now ready to embark on a new journey with his wife, and he looks forward to it.

Throughout his time playing for the Ireland team, Madigan acquired 31 international caps and scored up to 121 points, making himself a central player in the 2015 Rugby World Cup squad.

Madigan is now focusing on his career in the data privacy sector as he bids his farewell to the rugby World. The legend will now go down in history as the fans will continue to remember him and his amazing contributions to the teams that he has played with.

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