Ian Wright Gives a Brief Four-word Opinion on Tottenham’s Summer Signing

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Ian Wright Gives a Brief Four-word Opinion on Tottenham's Summer Signing
Manor Solomon of Israel (Credits: Sky Sports)

Pundit Ian Wright was very happy with Manor Solomon’s performance. He thought the Tottenham Hotspur winger did a very nice job when they played against Burnley on Saturday.

Ian Wright carefully observed how good Manor Solomon was as he helped Tottenham Hotspur win against Burnley during the weekend.

Wright said more about this on The Kelly and Wrighty Show for Premier League Productions, and this took place on the 4th of September.

Ian Wright on ITV Sport (Credits: Daily Post Nigeria)

He was very happy talking about a player from Tottenham, Son Heung-min. Son scored three beautiful goals (a hat-trick), and he made things really hard for Burnley in the game.

After that, the focus was moved to Solomon, who is from Israel. He is the person that helped set up two goals in Tottenham’s big 5-2 win over Burnley.

Pundits Wright and Owen Hargreaves were really impressed with Solomon. He did a good job in his first league start for Spurs and left a good impression.

Hargreaves said that Solomon looked really good, was he not? He was clearly impressed with Solomon.

Wright also added, “He was very, very good.” It is clear that both Hargreaves and Wright were in agreement about how good Solomon played.

“Solomon was really, really good the way he plays.” It sounds like he was very pleased with his entire performance.

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Manor Solomon Played Well, Exactly as the Team Wanted Him to Play

Richarlison was not quite ready to start the game, which is why he stayed on the bench. This meant that Son Heung-min was the one who played in the front position.

Manor Solomon Played Well Exactly as the Team Wanted Him to Play
Manor Solomon (Credits: Sporting News)

The coach, Ange Postecoglou, agreed to put Solomon on the left side of the field. This was at the beginning of the game, and it turned out to be the right choice for Tottenham.

Solomon was always seen to be a big problem for the other team, and the two assists he made clearly show how good he is when it comes to helping the team score goals.

He actually played really well in the game, and it happened less than a day after Tottenham signed Brennan Johnson, a player who plays forward from Nottingham Forest.

Tottenham signed a new player from Wales, Brennan Johnson, who can also play on the sides of the field. So, Solomon wanted to show that he was very good when he got the chance to begin in the Premier League for the first time with Tottenham.

He played very well, and this has made the coach, Postecoglou, think a lot about what he is going to do when Richarlison is back in his full form and Johnson, who we know is comfortable playing with the team.

Tottenham and Solomon Have Not Yet finalized His Contract.

Tottenham signed Solomon to a five-year deal this summer, and they first made it known that it did not cost them any money to get him.

Solomon was able to stop his contract with Shakhtar Donetsk because of the fight that was going on in Ukraine. Even at that, his contract with them was supposed to end in December anyway.

Tottenham has been having talks with Shakhtar so they can understand how to pay them the money they still want, as reported by The Athletic.

Shakhtar is demanding €6.5 million (which falls around £5.6 million) for Solomon, but Tottenham has suggested giving them a part of the money they can possibly realize if they sell Solomon to a different team in the near future.

No matter what amount Tottenham and Shakhtar agree on, it is already clear that  Solomon will be a very good deal if we consider the prices in today’s market.


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