‘I’m Really Hurt’: Jordan Henderson on Saudi Arabia Transfer Criticism

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Jordan Henderson Liverpool Midfielder
Jordan Henderson Liverpool Midfielder (Credit: Getty Images)

Jordan Henderson, the England midfielder, has become the center of a controversy surrounding his move from Liverpool to the Saudi Arabian club Al-Ettifaq.

This decision has stirred significant debate due to the stark contrast in LGBTQ+ rights between England and Saudi Arabia, where same-sex sexual activity is illegal. Henderson has responded to criticism by asserting his genuine intentions, reaffirming his commitment to supporting various causes and explaining the motivations behind his move.

Henderson has been an active ally of the LGBTQ+ community for his entire professional life. By wearing armbands and rainbow-colored laces during games, he also showed his support for the cause. He has become well-known in the struggle for LGBTQ+ equality, primarily due to his deeds.

Henderson’s decision to go to Saudi Arabia, a nation with a patchy reputation for LGBTQ+ rights, drew disapproval from several LGBTQ+ activists. He highlighted that his dedication to LGBTQ+ rights and his underlying convictions remain unchanged.

Jordan Henderson on Saudi Arabia Transfer Criticism

Jordan Henderson Liverpool midfielder Transfer
Jordan Henderson, Liverpool midfielder / Credits: Getty Images

Henderson’s well-intended action disappointed Liverpool’s LGBTQ+ supporter group, Kop Outs, who pushed him to uphold his commitment to LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights, and human decency. LGBTQ+ community members questioned whether Henderson’s latest words were just an effort to improve his public image.

Henderson became aware of his challenges in juggling his support for LGBTQ+ rights with Saudi Arabian cultural sensitivity. He is cautious not to offend regional norms or religious views, yet he is nonetheless open to wearing rainbow laces. He acknowledged the difficulty of understanding and appreciating other cultural viewpoints and highlighted the value of respecting religion and culture.

It was an essential moment in Henderson’s career as he chose to join Al-Ettifaq. His career at Liverpool had been incredibly successful, and while serving as team captain, he won many titles. As a result of the addition of new players, his playing time was cut back in 2022–23, indicating a declining role.

Henderson dispelled the assumption that monetary gain was the reason for his decision despite rumors of an enormous reward. He highlighted that financial reasons had never been the primary motivating factor during his career. Instead, he focused intensely on the game itself and his development as a player and person.


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