In a stunning comeback victory at the Italian Open, Rafael Nadal proves he’s far from ready for retirement

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Rafael Nadal celebrates after winning the game against Zizou Bergs

In a short period on Thursday, Rafael Nadal appeared like a tired player close to retirement. He struggled with his shots, made more mistakes than usual, and couldn’t keep up in rallies.

However, he then showed his classic form, winning against Zizou Bergs with a 4-6, 6-3, 6-4 victory in front of supportive fans. This might be his last tournament at the Foro Italico.

Nadal, who has won 22 Grand Slam titles, has been dealing with a hip injury that required surgery and hasn’t played much this year. He hopes to perform well at the French Open, where he’s won 14 times.

Despite not playing his best, Nadal is determined to improve and believes he can do better.

In Rome, where he’s won a record 10 times, Nadal is getting ready for Roland Garros, which starts on May 26.

Rafael Nadal gestures as he emerges victorious

Nadal said that after dealing with hip and abdominal problems, it’s time to see if he can push his body to its limits to prepare for upcoming challenges.

“I’m not just thinking about Roland Garros. I’m focusing on the next match. I need to overcome this fear,” Nadal said. “Today’s match helped. At times, I felt faster, but other times not. I need to get used to that, take risks. I feel more prepared to do that now.”

During his 70th win in Rome, the crowd cheered Nadal with chants of: “Ole, Ole, Ole, Na-dal, Na-dal.”

“I’ve always felt emotional playing here. These events are the most important in my tennis career,” Nadal said. “The crowd has always been amazing, supporting me since the start of my career. So, I’m thrilled to play here once again.”


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