In the NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins bolster their pass rush options while also filling their receiver gap

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Following the loss of key players in free agency and budget-saving releases, the Miami Dolphins turned to the NFL draft to build up their team with players they believe can grow into starting roles.

General manager Chris Grier has been focused on winning in the present over the past couple of seasons, making significant acquisitions like Tyreek Hill and Jalen Ramsey through free agency and trades to strengthen the team.

Despite selecting players with raw talent who require coaching and development, Grier remains committed to winning.

“We’re always considering how the player fits in and what they can contribute this year,” Grier stated. “While there are no guarantees, we have confidence in the players and believe in their potential. Our priority is to build the best team possible to win games this season.”

Chop Robinson (Credits:

With the 21st overall pick, the Dolphins chose Penn State linebacker Chop Robinson. He may need to step up immediately, especially with linebackers Jaelan Phillips and Bradley Chubb recovering from injuries sustained in the previous season.

Miami filled their receiver gaps on Saturday by drafting Malik Washington from Virginia in the sixth round and Tahj Washington from USC in the seventh.

Grier mentioned that Miami plans to extend quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, which could lead to salary cap challenges with other players also seeking extensions. Keeping this in mind, they aimed to add some cost-effective talent to the roster.

“We had a deliberate approach throughout the draft to bring in players who can compete and improve our team right away,” said coach Mike McDaniel.

“Some players may be seen by others as having higher potential, but we focus on bringing in players who can prove themselves once they’re in the building.”


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