Indianapolis Colts Eye Marshall Lineman Dalton Tucker: Pre-Draft Interest Intensifies

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The Indianapolis Colts are intensifying their pre-draft evaluations by hosting Marshall interior offensive lineman Dalton Tucker for a ‘Top 30 visit.’

This isn’t the first time the Colts have expressed interest in Tucker, having previously interviewed him during the Hula Bowl in January. Standing at 6’7″ and weighing 319 pounds, Tucker boasts impressive physical attributes and a solid collegiate track record, earning All-Sun Belt honorable mention during the 2023 regular season.

Indianapolis Colts
Dalton Tucker (Credit: Fox 59)

With prototypical size and solid fundamentals, he’s projected to transition smoothly into the pro level, likely as an offensive guard.The Colts’ thorough assessment of interior offensive line talent extends beyond Tucker, as they also virtually met with South Carolina’s Nick Gargiulo.

Despite Tucker’s projection as a late ‘Day 3′ pick or priority undrafted free agent, the Colts have a history of nurturing late-round picks into significant contributors.

Will Fries, a 2021 7th round selection, now occupies the starting role at right guard, demonstrating the potential for late picks and UDFAs to thrive under the Colts’ development program.

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Indianapolis Colts

Reflecting on past successes, the Colts’ interest in Tucker invokes memories of former All-Pro center Jeff Saturday, who rose from undrafted status to become a cornerstone of the Colts’ offensive line.

With Tucker’s promising profile and the Colts’ keen interest, there’s palpable anticipation surrounding the potential addition of the local Kentucky talent to the team’s roster.


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