Ireland Planning an “Ugly Win” Over South Africa

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Ireland defence coach Simon easterly
Ireland Rugby Training, Yumeria Sports Grounds, Iwata, Shizuoka, Japan 26/9/2019 Forwards coach Simon Easterby (Credits: INPHO/Dan Sheridan)

Defence coach Simon Easterby advises Ireland to go for an “ugly” win against the leading team, South Africa.  Ireland’s men’s head, Andy Farrell, has traveled all the way to Paris seeking a spot for his team in the Rugby World Cup quarter-finals. 

Ireland is doing well in the test matches, with 27 wins out of a total of 29 tests since the beginning of the tournament. The team has secured spectacular wins over Romania and Tonga. 

The great Ireland will once again be in the limelight when they deliver their easy-on-the-eye style at Stade de France.

Easterby has spoken about the team’s gameplay, stating that they plan to play well in a certain way, which is difficult to play against and difficult to beat. The team will be looking to implement a lot of the stuff that they have seen over the last couple of years as they have also tried in the Tongo and Romania games, said the coach. 

However, the defense coach claimed that they have not had to win ugly, maybe too many times. He thinks it would be great if the team could throw the ball around and score plenty of tries, but they are aware that they have to do things at the moment and make sure that they are adaptable and play certain ways in certain parts of the game. 

Easterby on the team’s playing strategy

Easterby realizes that the team’s bold selection does not change Ireland’s game approach. He expressed his views on the playing strategy of other teams, as every team has a particular strategy, and it is up to them to believe that that strategy is the right thing for each game.

The coach has very confidently claimed that South Africa will need a particular strategy like that in order to beat Ireland this 24th September.

jack Conan of Ireland rugby team
Jack Conan (Credits: Planet Rugby)

Ireland has trained all its 33 players at the base in Tours this week. The coach has said that everyone has trained really well. He has expressed his concern regarding Jack Conan, who seems to be lagging behind due to his foot injury. 

But the coach has expressed his satisfaction with the player’s progress as he said Jack had done incredibly well along with the medics who got him up to speed. The player may be on track from where the team expected him to be, so he is doing really well, and the coach is happy with his progress.

The whole Ireland team, along with the coaches, players, and medics, have worked really hard preparing for the upcoming grand matches. The audience is ready to witness another epic victory for Ireland. 

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