Is WWE Fake and Scripted? Explained

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Is WWE Fake?

The question of “Is WWE fake and scripted” has been in the minds of the public for a very long and still, 5-10% of fans of WWE think it’s real. World wrestling entertainment, or WWE, is fake, and it is written in before like movies.

The wrestlers show their physical strength by fighting and by doing stunts that are all choreographed and scripted. The storytelling of WWE is also pre-written because it indulges fans in making their love constant for WWE.

WWE has been the major source of entertainment for the people of Canada, Japan, Mexico, and the US for many decades. Everything is pre-planned in WWE,  the moves of the Wrestler, Who is going to perform first, Who will win, Who will lose, and also the background commentary. By this, we can easily conclude that WWE is fake and scripted.

Is WWE Fake?
Roman Reigns Smackdown (Credits: Shutterstock)

Purpose of WWE

The main purpose of WWE is entertainment. It contains all the features of entertainment, including drama, stories, and actions. WWE also plays a key role in uplifting physical fitness and sportsmanship. Besides entertainment, there are some more purposes of WWE, which are as follows:

  • Earning
  • Community management
  • Storytelling
  • Upliftment of the brand WWE
  • Universal demand
  • Growth of Wrestlers in all aspects

Is WWE Fake? Explained

WWE is frequently termed fake because everything is predetermined and scripted. All the wrestlers accomplish and do everything according to the script only. Nothing is real in WWE.

The pre-planned and choreographed nature of WWE simplifies that it is fake, and it made just the purpose of entertaining the audience. All the lines of the Commentary are rehearsed many times before coming in front of an audience.

All the outcomes of WWE are already fixed, but the moves of the wrestler in the ring, the ups and downs of a wrestler, and the Falling of a wrestler are not animated. It’s real. The training for wrestlers about how to perform in the ring or in front of the camera is given in advance only, but all the moves of wrestlers are prefixed.

Are wrestlers also fake in WWE?

All the wrestlers in WWE are highly trained and professional because WWE is scripted, but the Physical fitness demand of wrestlers are not fake.

WWE always demand physically strong wrestlers, who have a good body, and also who are not afraid of injuries. WWE wrestlers are highly skilled artists also because they have to act real in front of the camera and fans.

Sometimes in WWE, wrestlers have to suffer from injuries and even blood, so it is very important to choose the wrestlers who can handle all these and take the risk of injuries. The wrestlers in WWE are genuine athletes, and they are not fake. They do their work with whole dedication and to entertain the audience.

WWE is a fake and scripted structure of entertainment. The mixture of Storytelling and sportsmanship are all pre-determined as they are the important elements of WWE.

Millions of fans of WWE and the whole world loved it with its scripted nature. Although all the features of WWE together make it a unique form of entertainment that continues to entertain the fans always.


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