Jaguars Promote Nathan Rourke to Active Roster Following Trevor Lawrence’s Injury

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Nathan Rourke
Jaguars' Nathan Rourke Gets Promoted To The Position Of Active Roster (Credits: Jacksonville Jaguars)

The Jacksonville Jaguars have taken a strategic move ahead of their Thursday Night Football clash with the New Orleans Saints by promoting quarterback Nathan Rourke from their practice squad to the active roster.

This decision, which deviates from the standard practice squad elevation, provides the Jaguars with a crucial safety net in case their starting quarterback, Trevor Lawrence, is unable to play due to a knee injury.

Trevor Lawrence
Trevor Lawrence Suffers Due To His Injury (Credits: Jacksonville Jaguars)

During the team’s recent victory against the Indianapolis Colts with a score of 37-20, Lawrence sustained a knee injury after being tackled while making a play. However, Lawrence expressed post-game that he was “feeling OK.” According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the injury was diagnosed as a knee sprain, fortunately not a severe one.

Lawrence, who was drafted as the No. 1 overall pick in 2021, has been a consistent presence in all 42 games of his career, barring a brief absence last year due to a toe injury.

The addition of Rourke to the active roster allows the Jaguars to navigate the new third quarterback rule without affecting their active roster numbers, regardless of Lawrence’s availability.

Nathan Rourke
Jaguars’ Signs Up Nathan Rourke Seeing Trevor Lawrence’s Injury (Jacksonville Jaguars)

If Lawrence is fit to start, Rourke can still be active on game day. However, if Lawrence is unable to play, Rourke will step in as the Jaguars’ backup quarterback behind the newly appointed starter, C.J. Beathard.

Jaguars’ offensive coordinator, Press Taylor, expressed confidence in Beathard’s abilities, highlighting his experience in the league and familiarity with the team’s system.

Taylor emphasized their adaptability, tailoring their approach based on the defensive strategies employed by the opponent, ensuring the best possible chance for success for the entire team, not just the quarterback.


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