Jake Paul Extends Million-Dollar Challenge to Sean Strickland After “Embarrassing” Sparring Session with Sneako

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Jake Paul offers million dollar challenge to Sean Strickland following “embarrassing” sparring session with Sneako

Jake Paul has issued a challenge to former UFC champion Sean Strickland following a sparring session with Sneako.

In a recent live stream, Jake Paul, also known as ‘Tarzan’, sparred with the controversial Rumble streamer Sneako. Despite Sneako’s few months of boxing training, the outcome was predictable as he found himself outmatched by Strickland at the UFC Apex.

Initially, Strickland appeared to take it easy on Sneako but soon escalated the intensity, delivering a relentless barrage of strikes that left the influencer bloodied. Despite repeated attempts by Sneako’s corner to halt the session, Strickland persisted, showcasing his dominance in the ring.

Jake Paul
Jake Paul (Credits: Parade)

Jake Paul took to X to express his disapproval of Strickland’s conduct during the sparring session. In a lengthy post, the professional boxer and PFL fighter offered Strickland $1 million to face him in Puerto Rico, referencing a previous feud with UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett in 2022.

Paul criticized Strickland’s approach, accusing him of picking on inexperienced opponents, and challenged him to a fight with high stakes. However, Strickland swiftly responded, mocking Paul’s loss to a part-time boxer.

Paul’s proposal isn’t out of character, as he has a history of making bets with his opponents since his boxing career began in 2020. Notably, former UFC champion Tyron Woodley got a tattoo after losing to Paul in August 2021.

Prior to his defeat to Tommy Fury in February last year, Paul had also made a bet with ‘TNT’, but declined to pay up after the loss.

Meanwhile, Strickland is likely focusing on his return to the octagon following his controversial loss to Dricus du Plessis at UFC 297, where he lost his middleweight title by split decision. Strickland criticized the judges and the new champion post-fight, indicating his readiness to bounce back.


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