Jamahal Hill Speaks Out Publicly About Referee Herb Dean’s Decision at UFC 300

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Jamahal Hill makes first public remarks on referee Herb Dean’s non-stoppage at UFC 300

Former light heavyweight champion Jamahal Hill recently broke his silence regarding referee Herb Dean’s decision not to stop his fight against Alex Pereira at UFC 300. Hill, who aimed to regain the title he never lost due to injury, faced Pereira in his first fight since January 2023. Despite a strong start to his comeback, Hill was knocked out in the first round after being dropped by a powerful uppercut from Pereira and subsequent ground and pound.

The controversy arose when, just before the fight-ending sequence, Herb Dean attempted to intervene to stop the bout for a low blow suffered by Hill. However, Pereira waved off Dean’s attempt, leading to the continuation of the fight and Hill’s eventual defeat. While some observers deemed the result controversial, veteran referee John McCarthy defended Dean’s actions, emphasizing that the fighter fouled was in control of deciding how much time they needed to recover.

Jamahal Hill
Jamahal Hill (Credits: MMA Mania)

Addressing the supposed controversy surrounding the fight, Jamahal Hill shared his perspective on his YouTube channel. He acknowledged the comments and opinions circulating but emphasized the importance of self-protection in the sport, regardless of outside factors. Hill also reflected on his approach to promoting the fight, acknowledging that not everyone appreciated his style, but he saw it as a learning experience to grow from.

Hill clarified that despite the knockout, he sustained minimal damage during the fight and remained coherent throughout most of the bout. He vividly recalled the moments leading up to the knockout, indicating his awareness during the encounter. With a forward-looking attitude, Hill expressed readiness to move on from the setback and focus on his future in the sport.

Despite his recent defeat, Hill has already secured his next fight, scheduled to take place at UFC 303 on June 29th against Khalil Rountree Jr. This swift booking demonstrates Hill’s determination to bounce back and continue his journey in the highly competitive light heavyweight division of the UFC.

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