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James Maddison Says He is Not at the Same Level as a Player Tottenham Sold for £17 Million

Tottenham Hotspur has a new player, his name is James Maddison. He keeps reasoning that he plays like Christian Eriksen, but he does not want to make it obvious he is as good as him.

Spurs paid £40 million to get the 26-year-old player in June because their manager, Ange Postecoglou, saw a very nice chance when Leicester City got relegated.

Even though Maddison played very well, which we know he did, Leicester City went down to the Championship after they finished the Premier League season just two points behind Everton.

He scored ten goals. He helped with nine assists in the 2022/23 season. That was his second-best season for scoring goals, and his finest was when he scored twelve goals in thirty-five games during the 2021/22 season.

He has never created more than eight assists in the top league as long as we can remember.

James Maddison Says He is Not at the Same Level as a Player Tottenham Sold for £17 Million.
James Maddison (Credits: Goal)

Could Maddison Become the Player Tottenham Has Been Waiting for Since Eriksen Left?

Maddison has started his journey in North London very well. He has scored two goals and assisted two times in four games. He gave two assists in his first game against Brentford and then scored a goal each against AFC Bournemouth and Burnley.

Maddison’s great beginning in London makes it look like he could be the player Tottenham has been deliberately searching for since Eriksen left.

Eriksen, who is now 31, was a really good player when he was at White Hart Lane. He left Spurs in January 2020 after being there for seven years, and he went to Inter Milan in a £17 million deal.

Tottenham spent £11.5 million to bring Eriksen from AFC Ajax when he was 21 years old in August 2013. During his time at Tottenham, the Danish player, who earned 121 caps for his national team, scored 51 goals and provided 67 assists in 226 Premier League matches.

So far, in all competitions, he has contributed so well by scoring 69 goals and 90 assists in 305 of his appearances for the Spurs.

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What Did Maddison Recently Mention Regarding Eriksen and Tottenham?

Maddison believes that Tottenham has missed having a playmaker like Eriksen since he left for Manchester United. Maddison thinks he plays in a similar way to Eriksen but does not say he is as good as him.

What Did Maddison Recently Mention Regarding Eriksen and Tottenham?
Maddison (Credits: The Irish Sun)

They have always had that kind of player,” Maddison told the Independent. “A midfielder who wants to create, entertain the fans, and have a strong presence on the field.

Christian Eriksen used to be that kind of player for Tottenham, but they have not had someone like him since he left. I see myself as that kind of player, although I am not saying I am as good as him.

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