Jerry Jones dismisses concerns about obstacles preventing the Cowboys from hiring Bill Belichick.

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Jerry Jones dispels a question about barrier to Cowboys hiring Bill Belichick

Jerry Jones, the owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys, initially evaded questions about his recent discussions with Bill Belichick, the six-time Super Bowl champion, regarding coaching opportunities. Jones clarified that he hadn’t spoken to any head-coaching candidates aside from those within his own team.

When asked about his thoughts on Belichick’s potential return to the NFL, Jones refrained from speculating, stating, “I don’t know, I wouldn’t speculate.” However, during Senior Bowl practices, overlooking his team’s performance, Jones changed his tone when Yahoo Sports inquired about his general respect for Belichick.

Expressing personal fondness for Belichick, Jones said, “I know him personally, and I like him. There’s no doubt in my mind we could work together. None. None.” Despite the hypothetical nature of the discussion, Jones emphasized their potential compatibility.

As the Cowboys approach the 2024 season with head coach Mike McCarthy having one year left on his contract, Jones reaffirmed his full support for McCarthy despite recent playoff disappointments. Jones praised McCarthy’s regular-season accomplishments, highlighting the team’s offensive success and Dak Prescott’s notable achievements.

When asked about the possibility of working with Belichick, Jones acknowledged that it’s not currently applicable and may not materialize in the coming year or two.

He appeared aware of the potential conflicts arising from Belichick’s desire for extensive personnel control, a factor that reportedly affected his candidacy with the Atlanta Falcons.

In the evolving landscape of NFL coaching hires, Jones reflected on the trend of collaborative coaching styles and the increasing influence of front offices.

While other teams have opted for collaborative approaches, Jones, serving as the Cowboys’ general manager, emphasized that the league’s direction varies based on individual circumstances.

Addressing the speculation about personnel power, Jones said, “I think it’s an individual situation. I don’t view it through the eyes of personnel power. I view it through the eyes of coordinated activity, year-round activity, using all assets that are available to use.”

Despite uncertainties about the team’s future head coach, Jones concluded by expressing admiration for Belichick’s coaching prowess, acknowledging the possibility of him being among the greatest football coaches of all time. He made it clear that working with Belichick would pose no issues for him.

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