Joel Embiid’s Exceptional Comeback Inspires Confidence for the 76ers in an Unpredictably Vulnerable Eastern Conference Playoff Picture

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Joel Embiid’s stellar return gives 76ers hope in a suddenly vulnerable Eastern Conference playoff field

With approximately seven minutes remaining in Joel Embiid’s comeback game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday, a pivotal yet understated moment of confusion unfolded for the reigning MVP. Following a pass from Tobias Harris at the top of the key, Embiid pivoted and extended the ball outward, anticipating one of the dribble handoffs that had proven lethal in tandem with Tyrese Maxey earlier in the season.

However, Maxey was absent from Tuesday’s lineup. Alongside Harris, Embiid found himself on the court with Kelly Oubre Jr., with whom he has played 27 games, Nic Batum (24 games), and Kyle Lowry, who shared the court with Embiid for the first time that night. In the absence of the familiar handoff option, Embiid opted to pass inside to Harris, only to be thwarted by Lu Dort’s block amidst the traffic.

This play underscored the significant learning curve confronting the Philadelphia 76ers. They aren’t a pre-assembled contender awaiting a final puzzle piece; rather, they’re a blend of different team iterations, striving to craft a fresh identity in the limited time before the postseason.

While there have been moments of success—such as Lowry’s seamless connection with Embiid in executing mid-range plays or Buddy Hield’s adaptability in the handoff game—instances of confusion like the one witnessed earlier are inevitable. The 76ers are still in the process of deciphering their strengths and limitations.

Joel Embiid
Joel Embiid (Credits: ESPN)

Yet, this uncertainty doesn’t spell doom for Philadelphia, as events following that moment revealed. Despite exceeding his minutes restriction and contending with a knee injury described by Embiid as one of the toughest of his career, he returned to the court with 4:15 remaining. Exhausted and injured, Embiid orchestrated an 8-5 scoring run against the Thunder, propelling the 76ers to an improbable 109-105 victory after trailing by as many as 13 points.

Embiid’s resilience shone through, particularly at the foul line where he remained flawless, going 12-for-12, and showcasing unwavering physicality despite his injury. While his mid-range jumper displayed a hint of rust, he delivered when it counted the most.

The pivotal moment arrived with less than 30 seconds left on the clock and Philadelphia clinging to a one-point lead. Embiid intercepted the ball from Giddey, charging the length of the court before drawing a foul.

In just four minutes, even a compromised Embiid managed to sway the outcome of a crucial game in Philadelphia’s favor. This exemplifies the impact an MVP-caliber player can have on a team, even one with evident flaws.

Joel Embiid
Joel Embiid (Credits: ESPN)

The 76ers’ remaining regular-season games, albeit only six, offer favorable matchups against the Pistons, Spurs, Grizzlies, and Nets. Despite trailing the No. 6-seeded Pacers by two games, they have a chance to secure a higher seed through the play-in tournament, potentially avoiding a first-round clash with the formidable Celtics.

Other teams in the Eastern Conference don’t pose a significant threat to Philadelphia, especially with a determined Embiid back on the court. The No. 2-seeded Bucks have struggled under Doc Rivers, while the Cavaliers contend with their own injury concerns at No. 3.

The Knicks, seeded fifth, face uncertainties regarding the availability of key players. Even the No. 4-seeded Magic lack postseason experience among several starters and reserves. Though each team has its issues, none possess an asset quite like the reigning MVP.

Despite facing injuries and the challenge of developing team chemistry on the fly, Philadelphia’s position in the league is not insurmountable. Embiid’s capacity to seize control in pivotal moments highlights the extraordinary worth of an individual player who possesses the ability to fundamentally change the trajectory of a game, particularly within a postseason environment brimming with potential.


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