Joey Logano Discovers Goodyear’s Bristol Secret During Testing at North Wilkesboro

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Joey Logano
Joey Logano

The recent NASCAR Cup Series races on short track ovals have sparked intense debate following a lackluster display at Martinsville. A notable issue was the minimal tire wear observed during the race, a sharp contrast to the tire-wear-heavy competition at Bristol Motor Speedway.

This discrepancy in tire behavior on similar surfaces has left many puzzled, especially considering the promising signs seen at Bristol. Joey Logano shed light on this mystery, attributing the difference to temperature variations, drawing from his testing experience at North Wilkesboro Speedway.

The short track race at Bristol provided a refreshing change for fans, witnessing drivers grappling with strategic decisions due to excessive tire wear. NASCAR had aimed for this dynamic with its new short-track package, allowing drivers to play a pivotal role in determining race outcomes. However, subsequent races at Richmond and Martinsville failed to replicate this excitement, raising questions about the factors influencing tire performance.

Initially, speculation centered on the resin applied to the inside of the racetrack as the cause of accelerated tire wear. However, Logano’s insight highlighted the crucial role of temperature in tire behavior. He emphasized how a mere 10-degree difference could significantly impact tire wear, citing his observations during testing sessions at Wilkesboro Speedway.

During the Cook Out 400 race, Logano implemented a unique strategy, running with the same set of left-side tires until late into Stage 2. Despite leading 83 laps with this strategy, Logano encountered issues with his left rear tire towards the end of the run. Contrary to expectations of wear-related issues, Logano found that the tire began delaminating, with the tread separating despite the wear pins remaining intact.

Joey Logano
Joey Logano (Credits: Wisconsin State Journal)

Logano’s frustration with the current state of short-track racing was evident as he called for NASCAR officials to address the tire-related issues promptly. Acknowledging NASCAR’s reluctance to increase horsepower, Logano urged for immediate changes to tire specifications to enhance the quality of racing. He emphasized the need for decisive action, suggesting a willingness among drivers to participate in testing and experimentation to improve race dynamics.

In conclusion, the recent NASCAR Cup Series races on short tracks have sparked controversy due to inconsistencies in tire wear and race dynamics. While Bristol showcased the desired level of tire wear-induced strategy, subsequent races at Richmond and Martinsville failed to deliver similar excitement.

Joey Logano’s insights into temperature’s role in tire behavior underscored the complexity of the issue. His call for NASCAR to address tire-related concerns promptly reflects a collective desire among drivers for enhanced competition and race quality on short tracks.


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