Jose Aldo Supports Conor McGregor Before His Fight With Chandler

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Jose Aldo sends support to Conor McGregor ahead of Chandler clash

Jose Aldo, the former two-time UFC featherweight champion, is throwing his support behind Conor McGregor in his upcoming UFC return against Michael Chandler. Despite their past heated feud, which reached its peak in their December 2015 bout where McGregor claimed victory in a stunning 13-second knockout, Aldo and McGregor have since developed a more respectful relationship.

Aldo now expresses his backing for McGregor, citing his belief in supporting those he has fought and those who have bested him as a testament to his respect for their skills.

Aldo’s sentiments reflect a shift in the dynamic between him and McGregor, with occasional displays of mutual support between the two fighters. Ahead of Aldo’s own return to the UFC at UFC 301 in Brazil, he expresses his intention to closely follow McGregor’s bout with Chandler in the main event of UFC 303.

He hopes to witness McGregor’s return to form, emphasizing his desire for an aggressive performance aimed at securing a decisive victory.

Jose Aldo
Jose Aldo (Credits: Bleacher Report)

In an interview with MMA Junkie, Aldo elaborates on his support for McGregor, highlighting his expectation for an impressive showing in the Octagon. He emphasizes the importance of McGregor recapturing the essence of his past performances and approaching the fight with his trademark aggression.

Aldo’s words underscore his anticipation for a memorable showdown between McGregor and Chandler, signaling his belief in McGregor’s ability to deliver an outstanding performance.

Beyond his endorsement of McGregor, Aldo also reveals that his upcoming bout against Jonathan Martinez at UFC 301 will mark the final fight of his career. This decision comes nearly two years after his last MMA fight, a defeat against Merab Dvalishvili in August 2022, which halted his three-fight winning streak.

Since then, Aldo has ventured into professional boxing, competing twice, including a notable majority draw against former UFC opponent Jeremy Stephens.

As Aldo prepares for his farewell fight in Brazil, his support for McGregor in his UFC comeback adds an intriguing layer to the narrative surrounding both fighters. While Aldo looks ahead to his retirement from MMA competition, McGregor’s return to the Octagon against Chandler carries significant anticipation, buoyed by the backing of a respected former adversary.


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