Josh Allen’s Personal Turmoil: Analyzing the Buffalo Bills’ Decision to Part Ways with Offensive Coordinator Ken Dorsey

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Josh Allen
Josh Allen (Credits: AP News)

The Buffalo Bills’ recent decision to part ways with offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey carries a deeply personal weight for quarterback Josh Allen. Their professional relationship began in 2019 when Dorsey served as the team’s quarterbacks coach. Following the playoff defeat by the Kansas City Chiefs in January 2022, Allen actively advocated for Dorsey to assume the role of offensive coordinator.

However, after the team’s recent loss to the Denver Broncos, which brought their record to 5-5, head coach Sean McDermott decided to terminate Dorsey’s position. This marks the team’s lowest winning percentage since 2018, when they finished 6-10. Heading into Week 11 against the New York Jets, the Bills find themselves outside the playoff picture, a stark contrast to their initial encounter with the Jets in Week 1.

Josh Allen
Josh Allen (Credits: Albany Herald)

Expressing his sentiments, Allen emphasized that had the team performed better, Dorsey would still be a part of the coaching staff. Allen acknowledged the personal toll of witnessing someone he cares about go through such a situation, attributing the decision to a series of unfortunate events. Despite the emotional impact, Allen stressed the need to focus on the upcoming game against the Jets and not dwell excessively on recent developments.

The Bills were close to a victory against the Broncos, but a penalty for having 12 men on the field nullified a missed field goal, allowing Denver another attempt that ultimately led to a 24-22 defeat. McDermott justified Dorsey’s dismissal based on the overall performance throughout the season, appointing quarterbacks coach Joe Brady as the interim offensive coordinator.

In a conversation with McDermott, Allen expressed his admiration for Dorsey as a person and credited him for much of his career success. Reflecting on the situation, Allen acknowledged that a more cohesive team performance might have prevented such a decision. The Bills’ offense has fallen below expectations this season, showing predictability, particularly since Week 5. During this period, the team’s record is 2-4, averaging only 20.5 points per game compared to 34.8 in the initial four weeks.

Turnovers per drive have also increased from 12% to 21%, with Allen leading the league with 14 turnovers. Slow starts, especially since Week 5, have been a significant concern, with the Bills outscoring only the Carolina Panthers and New York Giants in the first half. Despite the challenges, Allen expressed confidence in interim coordinator Joe Brady, whom he has closely collaborated with since his hiring in 2022.

With the season reaching a critical juncture, Allen emphasized the urgency to turn things around, acknowledging the limited room for error in the pursuit of playoff contention.


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