Justin Gaethje on Taking Big Risk vs. Max Holloway at UFC 300: No Regrets

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Justin Gaethje reflects on decision to take “huge risk” against Max Holloway at UFC 300: “I have no regrets”

Justin Gaethje, aware of the gamble, accepted a fight against Max Holloway at UFC 300 despite being on track for a lightweight title shot after defeating Dustin Poirier for the BMF title. With Ramadan preventing Islam Makhachev from competing in the spring, Gaethje opted not to wait and risked his status in the division by taking on the former featherweight champion, Holloway.

The matchup presented Gaethje with a high risk and low reward scenario. Despite Holloway’s smaller stature and divisional difference, Gaethje was expected to win, putting his BMF title and future lightweight title contention at stake. The decision to face Holloway demonstrated Gaethje’s willingness to challenge himself and contribute to a historic UFC event.

However, Gaethje’s gamble did not pay off, as he suffered a devastating fifth-round knockout defeat at the hands of Holloway. Despite the loss, Gaethje displayed sportsmanship and humility in his immediate response, acknowledging the outcome and reflecting on his decision to take the fight.

In an interview with ‘Championship Rounds,’ Gaethje expressed his lack of regrets regarding the decision to fight Holloway, emphasizing the enjoyment and significance of being part of a monumental UFC event. He acknowledged the risk he took and the potential consequences of a victory, which could have propelled him toward a title fight against Makhachev.

Gaethje’s attitude toward Dustin Poirier receiving the next title shot against Makhachev was gracious and understanding. He expressed happiness for Poirier and recognized the logistical challenges of a quick turnaround after a demanding fight. Gaethje accepted the UFC’s decision without complaint, maintaining a positive outlook despite the setback.


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