Justin Herbert’s Historic Victory in Vikings Win

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Chargers (Credits: Los Angeles Times)

Justin Herbert has made history. The Minnesota Vikings team lacks the game touch that was a golden opportunity last season. A masterful performance was showcased during the Chargers’ 28-24 win against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. He went for the 40-47 with 45 yards and three touchdowns. His performance led to the first win for the Chargers team this season.

Herbert became 2nd player in NFL history to throw over 400 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions and, at the same time, complete 85% of passes. Through the three games in this season, Herbert has a total of 939 yards and six touchdowns. This increased the passer rate to 112.9. He has the leading completion percentage of 74.4.

About Justin Herbert

He played football in his college times. Firstly, he was selected by Los Angeles with the 6th overall pick of the NFL draft 2020. The following year, Herbert had gone to the Pro Bowl. After finishing the 5,014 yards with 38 touchdowns and 15 picks.  65.9% of the completion is there in throws, and the passer registers over 97.7%.

In the last season, Herbert had taken a bit of a step. It tallied 4,739 yards, 25 touchdowns, and ten picks. It posted a career-low passer rate of 93.2%. Justin Herbert has been bouncing back in 2023 and has improved his performance every week.

Justin Herbert
Justin Herbert (Credits: San Diego Union-Tribune)

Los Angeles Chargers had a score of 1-2. Justin Herbert is the only quarterback in the NFL for the Vikings team. An amazing fact is that the Chargers team won the first game in the 3rd week of the tournament. Next Sunday, the team will play against Los Vegas in an AFC West showdown. A five-year deal is also signed worth 262.5 million dollars.

Chargers team also grabbed the wild card playoff spot in the previous season. Fans also believe that 25-year-old Justin Herber will lead them in the season. He had a good start in this NFL season. NFL fans on social media platforms have debated about Herbert being the only quarterback in this season and also the Chargers team’s defense.

Justin Herbert 2023 Statistics

Justin Herbert’s amazing start to the season is overlooked due to LA Charger’s record.  The win over the Vikings team in 3rd Week of the competition got the charges team not just a win but a career day for a quarterback.

Chargers have been hiring new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore this year. Herbert is playing the third offense scheme. In spite of the Charger’s challenges to get a win through the first three weeks, Herbert found a groove with the help of his offense.

The Chargers team score is 1-2 and will play the game against the Las Vegas Raiders in the AFC West showdown next Sunday. In this season, the Vikings have lost seven times.

Hockenson is the latest culprit that surrendered the promised first possession at the 21-yard line. Alohi Gilman also wrestled the ball away through several defenders. The Vikings team includes a seven-turnover ratio, the worst in the tournament.

Players Injury Report

Chargers team players were injured. S Darwin James and Williams suffered from injuries. James suffered from a hamstring, and Williams suffered from a knee injury. LB Eric was also off the field due to a hamstring injury and had played eight seasons for the Vikings team.


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