Kareem Jackson Ejected for Illegal Hit on Packers’ Luke Musgrave in Broncos’ Win

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Kareem Jackson
Kareem Jackson

Broncos Safety Kareem Jackson Ejected in Win Over Packers for Illegal Hit on Rookie Tight End

In the midst of Denver’s 19-17 victory over the Green Bay Packers, Broncos safety Kareem Jackson found himself ejected from the game due to an illegal hit on Packers rookie tight end Luke Musgrave.

The controversial play unfolded with just under 14 minutes left in regulation, as Musgrave caught an 18-yard pass from Jordan Love. Linebacker Alex Singleton was in pursuit of Musgrave after the reception when Jackson, seemingly leading with the crown of his helmet, collided with Musgrave, sending him to the ground. After deliberation among the officials and the imposition of a 15-yard penalty, Jackson was ejected from the game.

Kareem Jackson
Kareem Jackson

Jackson’s ejection was not an isolated incident, as he has been a repeated subject of scrutiny by officials for unnecessary roughness penalties this season. Throughout the season, he has accumulated four fines for a total of $89,670, and he was previously ejected during Week 2 for a hit on Commanders tight end Logan Thomas.

After the game, head coach Sean Payton expressed his opinion that Jackson’s prior infractions likely played a role in the ejection. Payton remarked, “I think it’s difficult to make these calls sometimes. I think what’s difficult for Kareem is he’s got some priors. You get pulled over, and you’ve had four or five speeding violations; you’re going to spend a little bit more time on the side of the road than if you didn’t have any. I wasn’t real surprised [at the penalty and the ejection].”

Given his history, the league’s response to Jackson’s actions will be of interest, as it may result in another fine or potentially even a suspension due to his repeat offenses. The Broncos are set to face the Chiefs in Week 8, followed by a bye in Week 9.


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