Katie Zaferes Takes Third in Debut Supertri E World Championship

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“The hardest race I’ve ever done” – Katie Zaferes talks supertri E London

Katie Zaferes, a renowned figure in triathlon, faced a new challenge on Saturday by competing in a new format, the Supertri E World Championship, for the first time. Despite her illustrious career, including being the 2019 World Triathlon Champion and winning silver and bronze medals in Tokyo 2020, Zaferes found herself in unfamiliar territory as she secured third place, with Great Britain’s Beth Potter emerging as the victor.

In a post-race interview, Zaferes reflected on the intensity of the day’s racing, describing it as “very painful.” Her strategy to push hard from start to finish proved to be challenging, particularly during the bike segment, where she struggled to maintain power. Despite the difficulty, she expressed satisfaction with her performance, considering it one of her toughest races.

Katie Zaferes
Katie Zaferes (Credits: TRI 247)

While pre-race predictions positioned the competition as a showdown between Potter and Cassandre Beaugrand, Zaferes’s third-place finish, despite lacking prior experience in the format, was seen as a significant achievement. She acknowledged the gap between herself and the leaders but found encouragement in recognizing areas of improvement and potential in her performance.

Embracing the challenge of trying something entirely new, Zaferes admitted to feeling out of her comfort zone but emphasized the mental effort required to excel. Shifting her focus from perceived limitations to strengths enabled her to approach the race with greater freedom. Her mantra, “let’s see what I can do,” encapsulated her mindset going into the finals, resulting in her best effort under the circumstances.

Considering the competitive landscape for Olympic team qualification, especially alongside teammate Taylor Knibb, Zaferes acknowledged the pressure each race carries in shaping her path to Paris. Despite the stress, she expressed pride in her recent performances and the progress she’s making towards her Olympic aspirations. Whether or not she achieves her Paris goals, Zaferes remains optimistic about her future endeavors in the sport.


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