“Kayla Harrison Primed for UFC Debut Against Holly Holm at UFC 300: A Clash of Titans”

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Kayla Harrison ahead of UFC 300: Holly Holm ‘the toughest fight in the division for me’

Kayla Harrison, boasting a record of 16-1 in MMA and preparing for her UFC debut, is gearing up to face off against former champion Holly Holm (15-6 MMA, 8-6 UFC) in a highly anticipated bout at UFC 300, slated for April 13 in Las Vegas.

As a two-time Olympic gold medalist and two-time PFL champion, Harrison is thrilled to step onto the grand stage of the UFC, especially amidst such a landmark event.

Expressing her enthusiasm to TMZ, Harrison exclaimed, “To be going to the Olympics of MMA on UFC 300 against Holly Holm, a legend in the sport, I’m so excited, I’m so amped. This is the sh*t that gets me going, and yeah, I’m ready.”

Kayla Harrison
Kayla Harrison (Credits: ESPN)

With a remarkable combat sports journey punctuated by numerous accolades, Harrison harbors aspirations of adding a UFC title to her illustrious career.

Recognizing the formidable challenge posed by Holm, who boasts victories over current UFC bantamweight champion Raquel Pennington and a memorable head-kick knockout of Ronda Rousey, Harrison remains undaunted by the task ahead.

“There’s one last mountain to climb, and that’s UFC gold,” Harrison affirmed. “That’s what I’m coming for. That’s what my goal is. Holly Holm is a step to that. … I think that Holly is the toughest fight in the division for me. First of all, her boxing pedigree. Her record – she’s fought all of the best girls.”

“She’s always in the mix, she’s always at the top, she’s been around the sport for a long time, she’s a super veteran, she knows what she’s doing, she’s a former champion, and she’s an MMA fighter. Her grappling has gotten a lot better. You know her footwork is top notch. Her fight IQ is through the roof. She is f*cking good. She’s one of the greats.”


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