Knicks’ Josh Hart Disappointed When 76ers Didn’t Pick Him in the 2017 Draft

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Knicks’ Josh Hart Was ‘a Little Bummed’ 76ers Passed on Him in 2017 NBA Draft

Josh Hart, currently playing for the New York Knicks, reflects on his journey to the NBA and his desire to play for the Philadelphia 76ers, who passed on him during the 2017 NBA draft.

Despite being from Maryland, Hart expressed disappointment that the Sixers overlooked him, especially considering his stellar college career at Villanova, a team based near Philadelphia. While he wasn’t a part of Villanova’s second title-winning team, his teammates Jalen Brunson and Donte DiVincenzo were, adding to the connection between Hart and the Sixers’ region.

The Sixers’ decision to draft Anžejs Pasečņiks instead of Hart highlights a missed opportunity, as Pasečņiks didn’t make a significant impact in the NBA before being waived.

Josh Hart
Josh Hart

Meanwhile, Hart’s career took him through multiple teams before landing with the Knicks in 2023. His journey reflects the unpredictability of the NBA, where players often find success with teams that take a chance on them or give them the right opportunities.

Since joining the Knicks, Hart has been a valuable asset, showcasing his skills with impressive performances, particularly in the ongoing playoff series against the 76ers. In the first two games, he has been a key contributor, averaging 21.5 points with remarkable three-point shooting, solid rebounding, and steals.

His impact on the court has been instrumental in the Knicks’ 2-0 series lead over the Sixers, setting up an intriguing matchup for the upcoming games.

Hart’s success with the Knicks serves as a reminder of the importance of perseverance and seizing opportunities in the NBA. Despite initial setbacks and being overlooked by teams like the Sixers, he has thrived with the Knicks, proving his worth as a skilled player.

His journey from college basketball to the NBA, marked by ups and downs, culminates in his current role as a vital player for the Knicks, contributing to their playoff success.

As the Knicks continue their playoff journey against the Sixers, Hart’s desire to excel and prove himself against the team he once hoped to play for adds an intriguing layer to the series. His performances not only benefit the Knicks but also serve as a testament to his resilience and determination in the face of challenges, inspiring both fans and aspiring players alike.


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