Knicks’ Julius Randle Continues Progress, Uncertain on Return Date Post-Shoulder Injury

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Knicks’ Julius Randle progressing, still unsure when he can play again after shoulder injury

New York Knicks forward Julius Randle provided an update on his injury status on Wednesday, expressing his optimism about returning to the court in the near future.

Randle, who suffered a dislocated right shoulder towards the end of January, reiterated his intention to make a comeback this season. Originally anticipated to be out for about three weeks, Randle’s return was anticipated shortly after the All-Star break.

Acknowledging the necessary steps in his recovery process, Randle emphasized the importance of weighing all options before making a decision. He emphasized his current focus on avoiding surgery and prioritizing a swift return to action.

Speaking to ESPN, Randle stated, “There’s still necessary steps. It’s a process for everything. I have to weigh out everything, ultimately, and decide from there. But right now, I’m just focused on trying to avoid [surgery], obviously, and get back on the court as soon as I can.”

Julius Randle
Julius Randle (Credits: SNY)

Randle’s injury occurred during a collision with Miami guard Jaime Jaquez Jr. in a game against the Heat on Jan. 27. Following the incident, Randle exited the court and hasn’t played since.

Despite his absence, Randle’s performance this season has been notable, earning him his third All-Star selection. He has maintained impressive averages of 24 points and 9.2 rebounds per game. Randle, who is currently in the second year of a four-year, $117 million contract with the Knicks, remains a crucial component of the team’s roster.

With the Knicks scheduled to resume their season against the Philadelphia 76ers on Thursday, Randle’s return timeline remains uncertain. However, both Randle and head coach Tom Thibodeau are preparing for his potential comeback this spring.

Addressing the ongoing speculation surrounding his injury, Randle admitted to considering various options regarding the need for surgery on his shoulder.

Nonetheless, he remains focused on his recovery and long-term career prospects. “I like how I feel today as far as getting better, feeling stronger, progressing to where I need to be, as far as getting on the court,” Randle remarked. “But I’m never somebody to say never. So, ultimately, I have to do what’s best for myself to have a long career, have longevity in this.”


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