LA Knight’s Encounter with Dwayne Johnson: Exploring Their Intriguing Connection

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LA Knight's Encounter with Dwayne Johnson: Exploring Their Intriguing Connection
LA Knight's Encounter with Dwayne Johnson: Exploring Their Intriguing Connection (Credits: Essentially Sports)

Dwayne Johnson has captured the global spotlight once again, this time within the realm of WWE. The Rock has swiftly transformed into one of the most significant and polarizing villains in professional wrestling history.

However, amidst his dramatic encounters, particularly with fan-favorite Cody Rhodes, his dynamic with another protagonist, LA Knight, presents a different narrative, one devoid of animosity thus far.

LA Knight stands as a direct adversary to Roman Reigns, relentlessly pursuing the WWE Universal Championship from the outset.

While Dwayne Johnson currently aligns himself staunchly with The Tribal Chief, his interaction with Knight has been notably positive. Despite his pursuit of Reigns’ coveted belt, The Rock extended a friendly gesture towards the beloved wrestler.

LA Knight
LA Knight (Credits: Essentially Sports)

Appearing recently on the pro wrestling podcast “In The Kliq,” LA Knight delved into various topics, including his encounter with Dwayne Johnson. Recounting their meeting at a WWE event in Colorado months prior, the 40-year-old wrestler described it as a brief yet amicable exchange.

Knight elaborated, stating, “A little bit here and there when he popped up at SmackDown back in Denver a few months ago, which was kind of the bro handshake and hug and, ‘Hey man, I haven’t seen you in a while; you’re kicking ass’ and all that kind of stuff.”

Despite its brevity, Knight appreciated the moment, acknowledging the Rock’s swift departure for his ring duties.

Reflecting on Dwayne Johnson’s sudden involvement in WrestleMania 40, Knight offered his perspective, which is characteristic of his straightforward demeanor. “He’s going to bring attention to what we’re doing. At the same time, it doesn’t make a bunch of difference to me whether it’s him, Roman Reigns, or Cody Rhodes, or anybody else; if anybody’s holding that championship, then I’m gunning for them.” Ultimately, Knight’s allegiance lies solely with his own ambitions.

Interestingly, LA Knight’s journey intersects with Dwayne Johnson’s path in a curious manner. Knight previously appeared in the reality show ‘The Hero’ in 2013, hosted by none other than The Rock himself.

This venture marked Knight’s initial foray into the world of professional wrestling. Notably, during a task where participants obscured their identities, Knight’s impersonation of The Rock garnered acclaim, with many initially mistaking him for the wrestling icon.


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