Lakers Allegedly Pursuing Major Offseason Moves Involving Mitchell, Young, and Irving

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Lakers reportedly looking for bold move this summer such as Mitchell, Young, Irving

Laker General Manager Rob Pelinka offered a succinct analysis of the team’s quiet demeanor at the deadline: “You can’t buy a house that’s not for sale.” And he’s not far off the mark.

For the Lakers, the necessary moves to elevate them to contention this season simply weren’t on the market, even if they were actively seeking them. This reality becomes increasingly pressing with the sands of time trickling away on LeBron James’ illustrious career. Pelinka emphasized, “Sometimes no move is better than an unwise move.”

However, the upcoming offseason paints a different picture for the Lakers. Reports from Jovan Buha at The Athletic suggest an aggressive strategy is in the works.

Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving (Credits: CBS Sports)

Armed with three first-round picks, including selections from 2031, 2029, and either 2024 or 2025 (depending on the New Orleans Pelicans’ choice as part of the Anthony Davis trade), the Lakers are gearing up for big-game hunting.

Their plan hinges on utilizing these picks to pursue star players via trade. Sources close to the team and the league have identified Donovan Mitchell, Trae Young, and Kyrie Irving as potential targets. Notably, The Athletic has previously reported the Lakers’ interest in Young and Irving.

However, uncertainties loom over the availability of these stars. Donovan Mitchell’s contractual situation presents a conundrum for the Cleveland Cavaliers. With only one season remaining after this one, Mitchell’s refusal of an extension could prompt the Cavaliers to explore trade options.

Yet, a strong showing from the Cavaliers in the playoffs could sway Mitchell towards a max extension, particularly given the financial advantage Cleveland holds. Moreover, the New York Knicks have emerged as potential suitors, armed with an array of first-round picks and assets that might pique the Cavaliers’ interest.

Similarly, rumors surrounding Trae Young’s future with the Atlanta Hawks have surfaced, but his actual availability remains uncertain.

While his offensive prowess is undeniable, defensive shortcomings raise questions about his fit as a primary option on a championship-caliber team. However, alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis, Young’s role could undergo a transformation.

As for Kyrie Irving, while whispers of a reunion with LeBron have circulated, his contractual obligations with the Dallas Mavericks complicate matters. With a player option for the 2025-26 season, Irving’s future hinges on various factors, including Dallas’ postseason performance.

Beyond these marquee names, the offseason could unveil additional surprises, with free agents like Paul George potentially entering the mix. Despite expectations of George extending his stay with the Los Angeles Clippers, the dynamic nature of the NBA offseason leaves room for speculation.

In essence, Pelinka and the Lakers have signaled their intent to pursue aggressive measures this summer. The timing of this message, following a lackluster trade deadline, underscores their commitment to bolstering the roster and appeasing Lakers Nation.


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