Lakers Want LeBron Back on His Terms, Might Draft Bronny

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LeBron and Bronny
Lakers focus on bringing back LeBron, ready to meet his terms.

The Lakers are prioritizing bringing LeBron James back for the upcoming season, with a willingness to accommodate his terms, as highlighted by ESPN’s Dave McMenamin.

This includes offering LeBron up to a three-year, $164 million deal, acknowledging his pivotal role as the team’s best player and primary shot creator, even at age 39. Beyond his on-court prowess, LeBron remains a significant draw for fans, sponsors, and television audiences, making him indispensable from a business standpoint.

Reports suggest that the Lakers are open to the idea of drafting LeBron’s son, Bronny James, if it’s a condition for LeBron’s return. However, they wouldn’t use their No. 17 first-round pick for Bronny, considering his current development stage. Instead, they may explore trading the pick for a player who can contribute immediately, while also having a No. 55 pick and potential moves to acquire additional second-round picks.

Lakers focus on bringing back LeBron, ready to meet his terms.
Lakers focus on bringing back LeBron, ready to meet his terms.

The decision regarding Bronny’s future involves weighing what’s best for his development and aspirations. He could opt for NBA development, likely involving time in the G-League, or choose to enhance his skills at another college, potentially in a more prominent role. Ultimately, the choice rests with Bronny and his family, considering both basketball and personal growth opportunities.

LeBron’s influence extends beyond the court, as evidenced by the speculation surrounding coaching changes. While he may not directly dictate decisions, the Lakers are attentive to his preferences, exemplified by ongoing discussions involving Tyronn Lue, who has ties to LeBron. The organization understands the importance of keeping LeBron content, given his past use of free agency leverage to effect organizational changes.

While LeBron’s approach to free agency may have evolved, the Lakers remain committed to ensuring his satisfaction. This reflects their awareness of his impact and the desire to maintain a harmonious relationship. As discussions unfold, the Lakers are poised to prioritize LeBron’s preferences, underscoring his significance within the organization.


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