Lamar Jackson Takes on Dual Role as Player-Scout for Ravens’ Offensive Line Revamp

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Ravens’ John Harbaugh Has Lamar Jackson Scouting OL Prospects Ahead of 2024 NFL Draft

Lamar Jackson, a two-time MVP and a formidable offensive asset in football, is expanding his role beyond just playing on the field. Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh revealed that Jackson will be involved in scouting offensive lineman prospects ahead of the NFL draft in April. Harbaugh mentioned that Jackson actively reviews game tapes and offers his opinions on potential draft picks and free agents.

The Ravens are facing the task of rebuilding their offensive line this offseason, with both starting guards departing in free agency and their right tackle traded to another team. This necessitates a thorough evaluation of available talent, particularly among offensive lineman prospects in the upcoming draft. Given Jackson’s football acumen and firsthand experience playing behind the offensive line, his input is valued in this process.

Lamar Jackson
Lamar Jackson (Credits: Getty Images)

Harbaugh’s acknowledgment of Jackson’s involvement signifies a collaborative approach within the Ravens organization, where insights from players are welcomed and integrated into decision-making processes. Jackson’s keen eye for talent and his willingness to contribute beyond his primary role as a quarterback highlight his versatility and commitment to the team’s success.

As the Ravens gear up for the draft, they are positioned to benefit from a strong pool of offensive line prospects. With input from Jackson, alongside assessments from the coaching staff and front office, Baltimore aims to identify the most suitable candidates to fortify their offensive line and enhance their competitive edge in the upcoming season.


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