LaMelo Ball x Puma: Revealing the LaFrancé Lifestyle Sneaker Collection with Bold Flair

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Lamelo Ball's New Shoes Deal With Puma

LaMelo Ball, the Charlotte Hornets sensation, extends his influence beyond the court with the launch of his inaugural lifestyle shoe, the LaFrancé, in collaboration with Puma. Scheduled for release on May 17, this stylish sneaker not only marks Ball’s foray into off-court fashion but also mirrors his personal brand ethos.

Its design intricacies reflect Ball’s individuality, featuring elements like butterfly-inspired patterns symbolizing his “1 of 1” mantra, as well as motifs from his tattoos, such as “Heem” and flames, intricately embroidered on the toe box.

While the “Amour” colorway, with its striking fire-red hue, stands out as the initial release, the LaFrancé promises a diverse range of color options. This vibrant palette aligns perfectly with Ball’s larger-than-life persona and penchant for making a statement both on and off the court.

PUMA x Lamelo Ball- 2024 (Credits: PUMA)

Puma’s collaboration with LaMelo Ball signifies a natural alliance between a storied brand and a rising star known for his distinct flair and style.

Since joining forces in 2020, Ball and Puma have consistently pushed boundaries, with Ball becoming the face of Puma Hoops and receiving his own signature line of basketball sneakers, setting the stage for the LaFrancé’s bold debut.

The LaFrancé isn’t just a sneaker; it’s a reflection of Ball’s personality and influence, embodying traits like swag, vibrancy, and uniqueness. Accompanied by a collection of apparel including graphic tees, tank tops, shorts, and track pants, the LaFrancé extends Ball’s fashion footprint beyond footwear.

Available initially through Puma’s official channels and select retailers worldwide, the LaFrancé marks a significant milestone in Ball’s evolving relationship with Puma, further cementing his status as a style icon both on and off the hardwood.


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