Leclerc Talks About Disappointing F1 Qualifying

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Charles Leclerc, known for his speed in qualifying, faced disappointment in the latest Formula 1 session as he could only manage eighth place, trailing behind his teammate Carlos Sainz who secured fourth. Leclerc expressed bewilderment at the subpar performance, labeling it as an anomaly that occurs perhaps once a season. Despite feeling that the fundamentals of the SF-24 car were intact, he couldn’t explain the considerable time deficit to the polesitter Max Verstappen.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Leclerc admitted his struggle to comprehend the situation. He mentioned that while the car’s balance felt acceptable and improvements could always be made, the significant gap in lap times left him perplexed. He experimented with various strategies throughout the session, particularly focusing on tire management and temperature, but none seemed effective in closing the gap.

Charles Leclerc
Charles Leclerc (Credits: SB Nation)

Although Leclerc lacked immediate answers, he remained optimistic about Ferrari’s race pace, suggesting that they might perform better during the race. However, he acknowledged the critical importance of qualifying position on a track like this and regretted the team’s performance in that regard.

During the qualifying session, Leclerc adopted an unconventional strategy, completing his final flying lap early in Q3, leaving him vulnerable to track evolution. Despite this tactic, he couldn’t match the pace of his competitors and ended up in seventh place before being pushed down further as Red Bull improved their times.

Reflecting on the session, Leclerc expressed doubt that a conventional strategy would have yielded better results, considering the minimal improvements made by others throughout the session. He noted the unusual discrepancy between his feeling in the car and the actual lap times, suggesting that there might be underlying issues that need further investigation.


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