Like Father, Like Son? Mushin Muhammad’s Kid Shines Bright in College Football!

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Football fans might get a familiar feeling watching Mushin Muhammad’s son on the field, just like the former NFL star, as he plays for Texas A&M in the SEC.

Mushin Muhammad III, who now goes by “Moose” just like his dad did, is doing well as a receiver for the Aggies. So far in 2023, he’s caught the ball ten times, moved 70 yards, and scored once.

Back in 2020 when colleges were looking for new players, Muhammad from North Carolina got a lot of attention. Big schools like Auburn, Alabama, Florida, Ohio State, and even Michigan State (where his dad played) wanted him. But after visiting some close-by schools like Tennessee and North Carolina, he decided to play for the Aggies.

In 2021, as a new player, he caught the ball ten times, ran 153 yards in total, and scored four times. The next year, he did even better with 38 catches, 610 yards, and four more scores. Now, starting his fourth year, Muhammad is hoping to get noticed by the NFL, just like his dad did back in 1996.

Football has changed a bit since his dad played in college, but Moose has a good chance to do even better than him if he keeps it up. To compare, his dad caught the ball 60 times, ran 969 yards, and scored four times when he was in college.

But trying to match what his dad did in the NFL will be hard. Over 14 years, playing for teams like the Carolina Panthers and Chicago Bears, his dad caught the ball 860 times, ran 11,438 yards, and scored a big 62 touchdowns. In 2004, he had a great year catching the ball 93 times, moving 1,405 yards, and scoring 16 times.

Even with all that history, Muhammad at Texas A&M is showing that he’s making his own way and doing well in college football.

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