Lindsey Vonn Addresses Increasing Attention Towards Women’s Sports

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Despite retiring from professional skiing, Lindsey Vonn maintains a strong connection to the athletic world, especially women’s sports. She actively champions fellow athletes and regularly participates in major sporting events such as the Super Bowl and basketball games, using her platform to advocate for the progression of women’s sports.

During the recent Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix, Vonn seized the chance to share her views on the growing viewership and interest surrounding women’s sports.

During the event, Vonn was approached by TOGETHXR, a brand founded by athletes like Alex Morgan and Sue Bird, who asked her opinion on their slogan, “everyone watches women’s sports.”

Vonn acknowledged that the surge in viewership for women’s sports teams and leagues has been a significant development, indicating a long-awaited tipping point. She emphasized that this momentum has been building gradually over time, reflecting the culmination of years of dedication and exceptional performances by female athletes.

Lindsay Vonn
Lindsey Vonn, USA, poses with 2016 Women’s World Cup Downhill trophy in St. Moritz, Colorado-based.

Vonn’s perspective underscores that the recent surge in interest in women’s sports is not an isolated occurrence but the result of sustained effort and perseverance within the sporting community.

As a celebrated figure in skiing history, Vonn herself contributed to this growth, highlighting the collective progress made by female athletes across various disciplines. Her hope, shared by many, is that this momentum will continue to propel women’s sports forward, providing greater visibility and opportunities for female athletes worldwide.

Ultimately, Vonn’s remarks serve as a reminder of the ongoing journey toward gender equality in sports and the importance of continued support and recognition for women’s achievements in athletics.

While significant strides have been made, there is still work to be done to ensure that women’s sports receive the recognition and resources they deserve, paving the way for future generations of female athletes to thrive on and off the field.


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