Lionel Sanders’ Team: He’s Changed and Ready for His Biggest Season Yet

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Team Sanders says Lionel has been ‘transformed’ ahead of biggest season yet

After securing a remarkable victory at IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside, Lionel Sanders reinforced his position as a formidable contender in any race he enters. Despite the rollercoaster of highs and lows in recent seasons, documented extensively on his YouTube channel, the Canadian athlete remains committed to trusting the process following his triumph in California.

Talbot Cox, the architect behind Sanders’ YouTube presence, provided insights into the arduous journey his friend has undertaken, highlighting the setbacks overcome and the determination exhibited. Cox expressed confidence in Sanders’ transformation this season, attributing it to intensive training in Tucson over the winter.

As someone who has closely followed Sanders’ career for years, Cox emphasized the significant shift he has witnessed in Sanders, describing him as a formidable presence on the race circuit. The recent victory in Oceanside served as a culmination of Sanders’ perseverance through tough times, erasing memories of past disappointments.

Lionel Sanders
Lionel Sanders (Credits: TRI247)

Leading the IRONMAN Pro Series currently, Sanders’ victory in Oceanside sets a strong foundation for the upcoming season, although his ambitions extend far beyond this achievement. Cox noted Sanders’ unparalleled work ethic and dedication, qualities that distinguish him in the competitive landscape of professional triathlon.

Cox expressed his belief that Sanders’ success is just the beginning of what promises to be a remarkable season. He commended Sanders for his commitment to excellence and expressed gratitude for being part of Sanders’ journey. With sights set on the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Sanders joins other triathlon stars in their pursuit of glory on the global stage.

Tomos Land, a respected journalist specializing in triathlon and running, provided context to Sanders’ victory and the broader landscape of professional triathlon. His expertise spans both short-course and long-distance events, as well as ultra-running, offering valuable insights into the sport’s elite echelon.


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