Logan Paul shares brief message following Royal Rumble clash with Kevin Owens.

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Logan Paul
Logan Paul

Logan Paul took to social media to express his thoughts following his recent victory over former Universal Champion Kevin Owens.

At the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event, Paul managed to retain the United States Championship against Owens, albeit via disqualification. During the intense bout, Paul was handed brass knuckles by Austin Theory.

As he was about to use them, Owens seized the opportunity, turning the tables and utilizing the knuckles against Paul. However, the referee spotted the illegal weapon during the pin count and awarded the victory to the United States Champion.

Reflecting on the grueling match and his hard-fought triumph over The Prizefighter, Paul shared a succinct three-word message on his Instagram story.

John Cena
John Cena (Credits: WWE)

“What a war,” Paul wrote. This successful title defense at the Royal Rumble marked his first since winning the United States Championship at the Crown Jewel 2023 Premium Live Event by defeating Rey Mysterio.

John Cena’s candid thoughts on Logan Paul as a wrestler also surfaced recently during his appearance on the IMPAULSIVE podcast. Cena acknowledged the changing landscape of professional wrestling and expressed his initial skepticism about Paul’s involvement in the industry a decade ago.

However, Cena noted the evolution of the business and praised Paul’s commitment and dedication to the craft. He commended Paul’s willingness to make sacrifices and recognized his transition from a special guest to a full-time WWE Superstar in a short period, which Cena found to be refreshing and indicative of Paul’s understanding of the opportunities within WWE and the changing dynamics of the industry.


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