Lucy Buckingham Shines in Singapore Triathlon Despite Tough Conditions

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Lucy Buckingham on battling the heat in Singapore for top-five T100 finish

Lucy Buckingham’s standout performance at the Singapore T100 showcased her prowess despite finishing fifth. While her ranking may not fully reflect her achievement, she demonstrated her mettle against the world’s top athletes and the intense heat of the environment, a factor she has often struggled with in the past.

Despite her history of difficulty in hot and humid conditions, Buckingham managed her efforts admirably, staying close to swim leader Lucy Charles-Barclay and establishing a significant lead alongside her compatriot by the end of the bike leg, despite battling cramps.

While Buckingham’s run segment isn’t as dominant as her swim-bike combination, eventual winner Ashleigh Gentle and Charles-Barclay had already secured significant leads before the finish. Despite this, Buckingham held her own until late in the race when Els Visser and Amelia Watkinson surpassed her for third and fourth place respectively.

Lucy Buckingham
Lucy Buckingham (Credits: TRI 247)

Reflecting on her performance, Buckingham described the race as tough, emphasizing the constant pressure from her competitors and the need to manage her heart rate throughout. She also revealed that she struggled with sciatica in her left leg earlier in the week, complicating her race further.

The oppressive heat in Singapore posed a significant challenge for Buckingham, who humorously remarked on feeling out of her natural habitat as a redhead. Despite her initial reservations about racing in such conditions, she pushed through, recognizing the importance of pacing herself and accepting the inevitability of being overtaken during the run segment.

Buckingham’s performance in Singapore, particularly her ability to animate the race’s early stages, is likely to earn her more wildcard entries in future competitions. Her resilience in overcoming physical challenges and her willingness to compete in demanding environments showcase her as a formidable athlete deserving of recognition and opportunities on the world stage.


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