‘Luis Rubiales’ Faces Legal Complaint from ‘Jenni Hermoso’ Over Controversial Women’s World Cup Final Kiss

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Luis Rubiales FIFA Jennifer Hermoso
Luis Rubiales Jennifer Hermoso, FIFA (Credits:GettyImage)

With regard to Luis Rubiales’ kiss on Jenni Hermoso, a legal complaint has been made.

Hermoso claims that Rubiales’ kiss on her lips following Spain’s World Cup victory was not consenting.

Despite Rubiales’ claims that the kiss was “mutual and consensual,” Fifa has temporarily barred him from sport.

According to the complaint, the 46-year-old could be charged with a crime.

According to a statement from the national prosecutor’s office, Jennifer Hermoso filed an express complaint for the facts that you are all aware of.

The prosecutor’s office of the national court will complain as quickly as feasible. The statement was made in the state attorney general’s office to preserve the victim’s anonymity.

Spanish prosecutors launched a preliminary inquiry on August 29 to determine whether the occurrence qualifies as a sexual assault crime.

The “unequivocal nature” of 33-year-old Hermoso’s words prompted Spain’s top criminal court to announce that it had begun an investigation into them to “determine their legal significance.”

According to Jennifer Hermoso’s public declarations, Luis Rubiales’ sexual act against her was not consented to, according to a statement.
Luis Rubiales After match Scenes

Legal professionals will also get in touch with her, it was stated, “to provide her the choice of legal action, providing her the possibility to get in touch with National Court prosecutors within 15 days for details about her rights as a victim of an alleged sexual assault should she decide to file a complaint.

The statement declared, “To proceed with a case for sexual assault, harassment, or sexual abuse, it will be necessary for the injured party or their legal representative to file suit, or the public prosecutors’ office.”

According to reports, Hermoso reported on Tuesday.

The kiss that rocked soccer in Spain and throughout the world

Before the kiss, Rubiales was spotted grasping his crotch to celebrate Spain’s 1-0 victory against England. He has since refused to step down from his job.

When he kissed Hermoso, Spain’s national sports tribunal (TAD) declared that he had committed a “serious offense” and began a misconduct investigation against him.

The TAD did not, however, go as far as the “grave offense” that the government had asked for, which would have resulted in his suspension.

All 23 World Cup champions and 81 other Spain players have declared they will not compete for the squad again while Rubiales is the manager.

Later this month, the team has UEFA Nations League qualification games scheduled against Sweden and Switzerland on September 22 and 26.

The World Cup-winning head coach of Spain, Jorge Vilda, was fired on Tuesday, and Montse Tome was appointed as Vilda’s replacement.

On Monday, Rubiales received criticism from the Spanish men’s squad for his “unacceptable behavior.”

Dani Carvajal, a Real Madrid and Spain defender, was criticized for declaring that he would reserve judgment on Hermoso’s victim status until the legal proceedings were concluded.

He further stated, “There are legal bodies that are considering whether Jennifer is a victim of something that is being investigated,” in an interview with Spanish radio station Onda Cero on Tuesday.

“Someone has to choose between an offender and a victim,”

Carvajal tried to justify his Wednesday remarks by stating that Rubiales “should be supported in the same way as Jenni Hermoso” during this procedure.

“We need to demonstrate my unity,” he continued. “I can see that Jenni is going through a difficult moment. The president, though, doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself either, in my opinion. No one is being judged by me here”.

“The Constitution guarantees the right to an honest defense. No one can be victimized or held accountable.

Sergio Ramos, Spanish Footballer
Sergio Ramos, Spanish Footballer via GettyImages.

Sergio Ramosthe, the former Spanish defender, called Rubiales’ actions unacceptable.

He declared, “I think he’s mistaken as the president of the federation and a representative of Spanish soccer.”

“I believe that rather than discussing the entire Rubiales controversy, which has grabbed center stage, we should instead – and I’ll take this occasion to once again congratulate the women’s team on being world champions, as we did in 2010.

But in 2023, everyone should discuss how the women’s team won the global championship. I wish to express my sincere congratulations as a result. And I hope soccer gets the support it merits.


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