Luke Little Makes Cubs History with Unprecedented Starting Role

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Luke Little takes unique spot in Cubs history with start

Luke Little etched his name into the annals of Chicago Cubs lore as he took to the mound in Wednesday’s clash against the Colorado Rockies, marking a distinctive moment in the team’s history.

Amidst the pursuit of a sweep at the iconic Wrigley Field, Little, who has already notched two scoreless outings this season, assumed the role of starter against the Rockies.

His ascent to the starting position followed a notable performance the previous day, where he capped off Tuesday’s 12-2 triumph over the Rockies by delivering a succinct ninth inning. With a mere 12 pitches, Little induced two crucial ground ball outs, underscoring his effectiveness on the mound.

Christopher Kamka of Marquee Sports Network highlighted the rarity of Little’s feat, revealing that he is the first Cubs pitcher since May 1955 to transition from finishing one game to starting the subsequent one for the team.

Luke Little
Luke Little (Credits: WCNC)

Luke Little’s pending start is poised to mark a historical milestone for the #Cubs, as he would be the first pitcher since Warren Hacker on May 2, 1955, to conclude one game and then spearhead the team’s effort the following day.

Hacker’s memorable performance back in May 1955 saw him wrapping up a game against the Philadelphia Phillies before promptly assuming the starting role in the subsequent contest at Connie Mack Stadium in Philly.

The Cubs’ maneuvering of their pitching staff reflects the necessity for adaptability, particularly in light of Justin Steele’s absence due to a hamstring injury suffered on Opening Day in Texas. While Ben Brown was summoned to fill Steele’s void on the roster, it was Little who earned the nod for the starting assignment, showcasing the team’s strategic agility amidst challenges.

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