Machado Garry Updates on Covington Fight: Colby Still Hasn’t Signed the Contract

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‘Colby still hasn’t signed the contract’: Machado Garry provides update on proposed Covington bout

Ian Machado Garry is eagerly pushing for a welterweight bout against Colby Covington, expressing his readiness to face the former title challenger. With an undefeated UFC record of 7-0 and an overall record of 14-0, Machado Garry sees Covington as the next logical step in his climb toward title contention. Despite Machado Garry’s willingness, he claims Covington has yet to commit to the fight, causing a delay in finalizing the matchup.

In a video shared on Instagram, Machado Garry confirms his agreement to fight Covington but highlights Covington’s reluctance to sign the contract. Covington, coming off a defeat against Leon Edwards, had previously hinted at a potential fight with Machado Garry but laid out three conditions, including adjustments to Machado Garry’s Instagram settings and other stipulations involving his wife. These conditions seem to have stalled the negotiation process.

Machado Garry
Machado Garry (Credits: MMA Mania)

Machado Garry has expressed confidence in his ability to defeat Covington, believing that even the best version of Covington wouldn’t stand a chance against him. He asserts his superiority in terms of speed, technical skill, and overall prowess in the Octagon. Moreover, Machado Garry harbors a strong disdain for Covington, criticizing his trash-talking and demeanor. His goal isn’t just victory but to retire Covington from MMA altogether.

The potential matchup between Machado Garry and Covington has generated considerable buzz, fueled by their exchanges on social media and contrasting fighting styles. While Machado Garry is eager to prove himself against Covington and solidify his status as a top contender in the welterweight division, Covington’s hesitance and insistence on certain conditions have added a layer of complexity to the negotiations.

As fans eagerly await the resolution of this standoff, both fighters continue to train and prepare for a possible showdown. Whether Covington will ultimately agree to the fight remains uncertain, but Machado Garry remains steadfast in his determination to face him and prove his superiority inside the Octagon.

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